Monthly Archives: May 2015

Freedom Is

I can neither love you
nor love you not
I am love
Emotions that arise
affect not
the love that
I am
that you are
that is

Emotions cannot
touch the radiance
of Being
Who you are
I am
I am undisturbed
by thoughts
by feelings
by emotions
I push nothing
I meet all that is
as it is

Who you are
is not a state
of Being
Freedom is constant
and always here
everything that appears
arises in freedom

Moods come and go
in boundless
silent awareness
that is you
You are not
your moods
You are luminous stillness
that is not separate
from emotions flowing
Absolute unity

You can be fully human
and you are always free
from any idea of separation
that mind may cling to
You are infinite
beyond anything
thoughts can possibly

Experience emotions
but turn away from the story
that has the habit of
spinning a web of
invisible bondage
that fools
you into believing
you are the wave
and not the ocean
deep and free

Do not run
from emotion
Be still
and open
this pivotal turning point as
a dense knot of fear
and suffering loosening
and losing it’s power over you
as you rest
allowing all to be
as it is
you realize
there is no power
outside of pure consciousness
You are the power
and presence
of God

Awareness is you
I am
one awareness
loving what is
is here
omnipotently divine
What I am
has never been bound
What you are
has always been free

2015 cb



Pure presence is
who I am
beyond all ideas
of an individual
is the true undivided I

I am
always here
never left
pure presence
of Being
right here
with no where
else to go but here
this moment
itSelf perfectly

Great freedom lies here
undiluted experience
being as is
not special
or spiritual
just wholeness
that accepts
without thought

Gathering pieces
of living
seeing from stillness
seeing silence in everything
in crumbling stories
and infinite dreaming
The beauty of
unseparated from source
pure essence animating
formless into form
bonded seamlessly
one fabric

Welcoming love’s
spiralling golden light
to hold
all this
in that
seeing this
from that
Oh what a glorious
moment of reverence
is life

I start this day
on my knees
in love
as love
with no meaning
pure presence
of Being

2015 cb


Be the Honey

Know yourself
as the honey
The honey itself
Tasting little drops
of sweetness
may bring you
but knowing
as the sweetness
is the bliss
of freedom

Melt into
the honey
of Being
the sweetness
of wholeness
where everything is
held in compassionate
what is
as it is

If you only
know sweetness
as something
and not as who you are
you will always be
looking for another fix
of sweet pleasure
and wanting to avoid the pain
that rudely takes away
the sweet feeling

When sweetness
is who you are
all things
can come and go
creating ripples
in the sea of happening
Yet remaining
unstirred in the depths of soul

Nothing is not welcome
The fullness of experience
is free to unfold
and bare it’s teeth
if it has to
as we see it all
for what it is
Allowing intimacy
with all of yourself
as life
is the beauty
the honey
of Being

2015 cb


Beyond Words

How is it that words fall short?

Delightfully stumbling to describe the indescribable

The Truth that is beyond words

Beyond time and space

Beyond a you and me

Beyond Existence

Oh yes friend, there is everything and nothing here

Such exquisite blissful sweetness

Wells up

Swells with joyful exuberance

And bursts forth

Because joy wants to be outrageously joyful

Is there any better reason than that?

Light wants to shine its iridescent brightness

And silence wants to roar its aliveness into the illusion

To awaken the sleeping dreamers from their slumber

How bright can brightness be?

How beautiful can beauty be?

How present can this moment be?

How full can wholeness be?

How pure and clear can clarity be?

How magnificent can exquisiteness be?

Now words are trying their best

Squeezing meaning out in their industrious delectability to share

the sublime divinity of Oneness

To share this Truth of Omnipotent Godliness

of This

as That…

2015 cb