Monthly Archives: June 2015

This Morning

This morning
wake up
to yourself
with whole hearted

Greet yourself
with compassion
and gentle honouring

Be exactly
where you are
without desire
to be anywhere

Allow the stillness
of the moment
to fill you
to remind you
that you are here
with divine perfection
and all that is
is here as the
fullness of
experiencing itSelf

There is nothing personal here
all is cosmic unfolding
and you
are a unique
and essential
point in wholeness

You are the living
of life
a divine instrument
being finely tuned
and played
while dancing to the
symphony of oneness

Be gentle
as you take each step
notice little mind
wanting to spin a yarn
about this and that

Watch it
bless it
and melt into
the silent background
of Being
as the witness to
the dance while
flowing in it
as it

Smile with
compassionate humour
at your story
revealing itself
like a movie
(you the star!)
and how it can
suck you into
it’s spin

Feel it
embrace it
love it

Keep watching
shining light from
all that you are
onto all that is
change nothing
fix nothing
be here
in harmony
with divine will

Dance with yourself
in the beauty
of now
want nothing more

2015 cb


Living Simple Truth

I was invited by One The Magazine to share the story of the awakening realizations that radically shifted perspective and changed life as I knew it beyond, way beyond anything that could have been imagined. This ‘story’ has not been told until now. It is offered in service, in joy, in gratitude….

“The alchemy of the moment of awakening is up to grace. There is nothing special that I have done and no clues of my unfolding can be implemented into another’s path. I am just like you, but more than that, I am you.”

Living Simple Truth


Golden Light

Sun bright
one light
one source
beaming rays
like visiting stars
in shadows
with you

Simple exquisite
mandala of life
fiery aliveness
through you

Turning towards
the mystery
closed eyes
in warming
golden light
untamed presence
left its longing
in you

Something will be lost
Nothing will be missed
is eternally fulfilled

Invisible foot prints
as gold dust
walked upon by God

2015 cb


One Moment

What if
you stop
trying to get there
and rest here
a moment

What do you find?
perfect stillness
witnessing the moving
dynamism of activity
unfolding perfectly

who you are is acceptance
there is nothing to accept
who you are is already fulfilled
there is nothing to seek
who you are is whole
lacking no thing

Who you are is awareness
aware of itSelf
who you are is presence
right here
only here
who you are is beauty
manifest oneness
who you are is truth
truer than you could
ever imagine
who you are is all this
love itSelf

The world is taking
place in you
flowing in unbounded
that is you
you are not separate
from anything
we belong to each other

one love
one silent

2015 cb


So Close

Who you are
is so close
it is mingling
with all you think of
as you
there is no room
for a path
between you
and yourSelf
not even room
for a bridge

You are right here
in this infinite
pure presence
awake to

Rest now on
the path
to the divine
you are building
and following
paved with concepts
thick with ideas
and thoughts
to be true

Leave the dream house
of mind to it’s thinking
Be right here
with what is real
ever present
is you

You are in God
God is in you
Be still
and know
what is real
and true

2015 cb