clare purna mayi

“There is only Divine Being, known as supreme peace and ecstatic Love. The flow of gratitude for this freedom arises as service and a dance of pure devotion. Life just lives, Love just Loves. Everything is known as a divine aspect of the Beloved. This body is a vehicle of love and gratitude and yet there is an ordinariness to this expression whether sharing Satsang, running household errands or walking in the forest – all is an arising of divine love…”

“Silence is the teaching and this flows as a direct sharing of Love, of the Truth being lived here now.  Which is always deepening. It’s more of a revealing. Love wants you to know that you too are the same One Being and that it is the only purpose of this life, to realise this and allow love to fully live through you, that you know the beauty and wholeness that you are and live Free. That Pure Divinity, Divine Mother has a clear point to express through. That is the teaching…”


The expression of living truth that is shared through the form of Clare arises directly from Silent Being, from Love, sparking transformation through clear, lyrical, descriptions of the landscape of awareness and direct pointing to what is real and true.  Sharing through embodied presence, deeply honouring the human condition with kindness and patience.  Seeing Life and the human Beingness as a direct and profound expression of divine wisdom and not something to be avoided but the very fuel for freedom – grace itself.

There is clarity, warmth and honesty as she speaks to the profound unfolding of Self-realization and it’s subtle and refined perceptions, guiding those that are truly committed to freedom and blossoming into integrated living as the wholeness of Being.  She guides with loving, mystical devotion, sharing a fresh, clear, direct approach reflecting the timeless traditions of Advaita and Tantra.

She lives on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada where she guides a Sangha committed to Truth and Liberation.

For more background of the awakening journey see A Story on the Media page.


Guiding Lights

This sharing is inclusive and accessible to all and has been deeply guided in consciousness by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Anandamayi Ma.  The background has been in Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra for over 20 years in the lineages of Sivananda and Baba Hari Dass.