Words shared about Clare

The words below have been shared by Sangha members about their experiences in Satsang.

“As soon as I attended the first large group Satsang with Clare I knew I had found my teacher. Following decades of journeying along the path of ‘awakening’ I deeply sensed that I was ready for a teacher that was clear and accessible. Attending small group Satsang and Body of Awareness classes has been a prayer answered. The direct pointing and guidance from Clare has further established the silent witness that has led to a deepening love affair of Truth. I notice that saying ‘yes’ to a teacher and sangha has propelled within me a deeper commitment and all consuming abidance as Truth. I feel so incredibly grateful to have like minded people that I can share this hunger for Truth with.”

am  – Courtenay, BC

This week I was sitting there in my chair feeling amazed and overjoyed at the quality of  the Satsang teaching/gathering as being as good and clear as any I was privileged to hear in Burma and India.  What a blessing right in my home town.  Right here.  Right now.

mq – Comox Valley, BC


Sitting with Clare, the essence of blessing in action.  Discovering oneself as a gentle flow of presence.  Finding that Oneness with the Beloved is reality in each breath. If one comes with a question, it may be discovered that one is already the answer to that question.   With Clare, sink into the beauty of your own presence.

dh – Seattle, WA


“What I’ve really noticed so far in all the group Satsangs – and it really shows up in the small groups – the way you answer questions – and how you take the threads of them and guide toward deep connection and receptivity for the whole group.  And direct the group toward a knowing/experiencing of the open, vast stillness and potent ‘aliveness’ of the ‘field’ – and this is amazing/wonderful/beautiful/incredible/rich – whatever words you may want to use – how about ‘exceptional’?. Wanting to offer you – from my long past of ‘satsanging’ – a personal observation!”

db  – Comox Valley, BC


I have been a “spiritual student” for most of my life, and, of course,  I am grateful for all of those who have “held up a light“ for me. Yet,  I have never encountered a teacher more able to awaken in this being, true Self. When Clare leads a Guided Meditation, she speaks from the “real time” lived experience of  Universal Self.  There is nothing in her talk to engage the mind, yet her words are compelling to Self.  The result, in my experience,  is that Self is energized and enlivened  until it is recognized clearly to be the true Identity of everyone and everything, the “ground of being” from which everything emerges.  The “me” or individual separate identity, fades into a distant background, while all of the qualities of Truth (all of those things we humans universally long for) emerge as predominant – Love, Peace, Wholeness, Joy and Mirth.  Nothing is “other”. Since I have been sitting with Clare, I have noticed Self (True Identity) becoming more and more predominant, not as something that has to be achieved or remembered, but simply as what is, always was, and always will be.  Infinite gratitude, Clare.

at – Comox Valley, BC


“In an age when there are so many ‘self-help’ offerings and ‘professed’ teachers who claim to have the 10-step guide to enlightenment, Clare acts as a tuning fork to the vibration of Truth – guiding me forever deeper into my Being – deeper into the truth of who I am. She does this simply, clearly and so tenderly, using her voice, offering her own lived and integrated experiences of awakening. She deftly guides us/me to Truth and Awareness through humour, and practical encouragement. I needed to meet a woman who could teach from this very real connection to Cosmic Being – freed from the conditioning of the separate self, – yet who someone who allows me to see her ‘humanness’. ”

jsr – Comox Valley, BC


At Clare’s Satsangs and Body of Awareness classes she regularly hits it out of the ball park!  In decades past I drove or flew thousands of kilometres and spent many months on retreats with spiritual teachers who had much less impact on me than Clare.  She doesn’t intend to inform or to entertain. Her gift is to guide us into the direct experience of Unconditioned Awareness, here and now, and to perceive and act from the perspective of that Awareness.

jb – Comox Valley, BC


Clare’s teaching comes from a place that can’t be captured by words. In one of my dialog with her, she led me to spacious consciousness and there we met. The meeting was beyond my doubt. At the human level, she has a big open heart that made me feel free and open in her presence. …effortless and open.

dl – Seattle, WA


What was experienced through here was a wonderful rhythmic articulation through Clare that  caused a feeling here of no identification with this body. As if the body had died . Vision seemed a little hazy particularly around the edges and there was an other worldly sense of love. She seemed angelic with an amazing ability to disarm the self through loving, flowing rhythmic speaking. There was also a sense of expansive groundedness in her transmission that was nothing short of mesmerizing.

bh – Seattle, WA


When Clare speaks about awakening, the very concept of awakening itself dissolves. What is left is a deep down resonance that is more than this body and yet includes this body, that is more than the mind and yet includes the mind. Truth, as it comes through Clare, is simply felt, in the same way the warmth of the sun is felt. To sit with Clare, is to look directly into the mirror of divine remembrance; to let go into the territory of awareness of all that IS

ns – Comox Valley, BC


“There is something so effortless about sitting with Clare. The clouds of my mind seem to part and the sun of “clare-ity” beams through. I recently went through a “spiritual emergency” of sorts.  Clare met my looping, fear mind with calm and presence. I probably asked the same questions over and over again as my mind couldn’t hold onto much. Each question was met with the same grace as the first, as if it were the very first.  She is gentle, present and powerful.” 

SW – Victoria, BC


“Spending time in session with Clare is, for me, like slipping into a warm pool where whatever is not real is invited to wash away.  But what happens when she invariably meets me with unconditional presence wherever I am is much more than meets the eye.

Clare is humble and unassuming. She will never try to prove anything or demonstrate any sort of special abilities. And yet I know from my own experience that she has the ongoing capacity to go deep, very deep, to where our energies can join and palpably enjoy the dance of Grace unfolding perfectly.

In Clare’s presence I have clearly seen and felt my own essence as formless being.  I feel confident in saying that, based on my own series of experiences with Clare, sessions with her will be devoid of artifice, guided by a pure, abiding love, and virtually unlimited in scope.”

SJG – Comox Valley, BC


As soon as I sit with Clare I feel a profound sense of peace and calm wash over me. The clarity of truth that shines through Clare is so powerful that all of my old dramas and stories seem to effortlessly melt away. The true nature of these stories being seen for what they are, illusionary. 

The love and light that shines through Clare is a true blessing to the world. I am so grateful for how she so beautifully and effortlessly points me back to Self. “

FB – Comox Valley, BC


Clare is able to guide me to those subtle, tender and often overlooked moments in my life, when Truth and Awareness are always present and whispering to me. She gently slows me down. I tune to her devotion and connection to Truth then find myself journeying into the stillness of Awareness – falling deeply into the vastness of my cosmic nature.

jsr – Comox Valley

We have read and heard that perfection lies in letting go of the idea of ourselves as mere bodies and minds. But how is it done? With Clare’s rich and gentle voice guiding us, awareness of physical body yields to awareness of subtle body, and then to awareness itself.”

vc – Salt Spring Island, BC


Clare describes the terrain of Awakening through Satsang gatherings, Body of Awareness meditation, as well as her private/individual sessions.  In each of these offerings, her clear anchoring in Truth shines through and bit by bit I am drawn away from my busy mind, the knot of engrained habits, and a contracted physical body. I am drawn deeper into the awareness of the flow of emptiness and fullness of who I truly am.”

jar – Comox Valley, BC