Be the Honey

Know yourself
as the honey
The honey itself
Tasting little drops
of sweetness
may bring you
but knowing
as the sweetness
is the bliss
of freedom

Melt into
the honey
of Being
the sweetness
of wholeness
where everything is
held in compassionate
what is
as it is

If you only
know sweetness
as something
and not as who you are
you will always be
looking for another fix
of sweet pleasure
and wanting to avoid the pain
that rudely takes away
the sweet feeling

When sweetness
is who you are
all things
can come and go
creating ripples
in the sea of happening
Yet remaining
unstirred in the depths of soul

Nothing is not welcome
The fullness of experience
is free to unfold
and bare it’s teeth
if it has to
as we see it all
for what it is
Allowing intimacy
with all of yourself
as life
is the beauty
the honey
of Being

2015 cb