Beyond Words

How is it that words fall short?

Delightfully stumbling to describe the indescribable

The Truth that is beyond words

Beyond time and space

Beyond a you and me

Beyond Existence

Oh yes friend, there is everything and nothing here

Such exquisite blissful sweetness

Wells up

Swells with joyful exuberance

And bursts forth

Because joy wants to be outrageously joyful

Is there any better reason than that?

Light wants to shine its iridescent brightness

And silence wants to roar its aliveness into the illusion

To awaken the sleeping dreamers from their slumber

How bright can brightness be?

How beautiful can beauty be?

How present can this moment be?

How full can wholeness be?

How pure and clear can clarity be?

How magnificent can exquisiteness be?

Now words are trying their best

Squeezing meaning out in their industrious delectability to share

the sublime divinity of Oneness

To share this Truth of Omnipotent Godliness

of This

as That…

2015 cb