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Musings from this moment…

You are awareness. Between two thoughts you are. Between two breaths you are. Behind all that moves and changes there is one awareness, ever present awareness you are. The silence between sounds you are. Rest with curiosity in the unmoving stillness. Dissolve into the silence behind, between, beyond all that comes and goes and you are…. that!




Everything is both right and wrong or neither right or wrong! The world of existence can be viewed from a myriad of perspectives. The aperture of seeing can be very small or open to infinity. From a separate self to the Absolute and beyond… Each perspective is it’s own perfection. All one awareness. There is nothing here that is not Divine Mother consciousness, God, Source, Light…. as the aperture opens in awakening, the deepening of this knowing rests and love and acceptance are revealed as the pure nature of awareness. Compassion is revealed as the natural loving presence of Divine Mother in all embracing mercy for her children. There is no opinion to have. Everything is welcome as everything that appears is spun from the light of divinity… everything… and this can be known always in the presence of the moment, right here what is, is. We are divinity, Being human, the expression of what is, but really these are all just words… there is only ONE with no other, no second, only ONE… and you are that whatever perspective you perceive, see, feel or experience from. All inclusive awareness… ONE!

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The Now of Now


Essence is
speaking of
what is
already here

Of how we
over complicate
Life is simple
and we are the creators
of ‘not easy’

Yes, there are
tools and techniques
to deepen
We can question
our thoughts
and discover our
bodies as light
As limitless
silent and free

But even the knowing
of Self as awareness
is it’s own emptiness

I am is


This moment
Only this moment

We travel through life times
Through universes
Through bodies
and stories
Through realisations
and experiences
Through seeing, knowing
and awakening
to find

What is is
Always was
There is nothing
that separates anything
except the searching
for something
Something more
extraordinary than pure
simple joyful
what is ness

Fall in to Now
Fall into Now
and all searching
is over
This is it!

Too ordinary
to be real?
Prepare to be astonished!


Love Is

Passing through
the door of stillness
We discover the sanctuary
of infinite freedom
While life is shaking
at it’s very foundations
Being’s silent presence
holds strong
in quiet knowing
Deeper than the
surface quaking
Heart rests
Gazing upon the
simple beauty
of a flower
Sacred happening
in glorious detail
Hummingbird joyfully free
is nourished by sweetness
The same divine nectar
I am drinking in
The bee of mind
alights here
Falling in and in
to the ever benevolent
arms of grace
The holiness of Now
lands in the blossom
of heart’s petals
Mother’s mercy
flowing as faith
in all that is
A single tear falls
Within it
universes dance
Love spins a web
of it’s eternal light
and this is
what I am
In all things
Love Being
Love Is

Blessing of Now

A day of grace
Divine Being
This moment
is the only gift 
you need
Rest here
in the blessing of

Know your Self
as the pure light
of conscious awareness
Shining bright
Whatever the story on
the surface says
You are whole
You are life
You are love


Thank you

When we come to a place when we can say thank you for it all no matter whether it brings us joy or pain then our heart of loving gratitude is open. Gratitude pops up like mushrooms in the forest, arising spontaneously out of the mystery.

It starts with taking responsibility for absolutely everything that arises in the storyline of life even if we cannot see how or why. To know that ‘somehow I created this’ is an empowering and humbling realization.

As we come to realize beyond doubt that we are not a separate individual self we recognize that life living through us can only be benevolent, that what we see as the world is a creation of consciousness happening and we appear as the person happening in an infinite field of awareness… we can only bow in gratitude for the wonder that is life and the perfection of all that is.

Movies are inspired by the rawness of life not the other way around! Life is the supreme storyline. What ever it looks like it is always here to bring us to clearer seeing… consciousness awakening to more of itself. As we rest as unconditional openness, a full yes, we allow, we feel, we accept, we rise in loving gratitude.

Thank you life for the living of this moment just as it is….

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


The Dance

One foot steps
courageously another follows
a swirling dance
of destruction

Awakening to Self
baring all
to the naked truth
of Being
So intimate
nothing can be hidden
In this light
everything is revealed
beyond the skin
of contracted comfort

And as the foundations
on which the house
of me is built
tumble into
Blown into the
wind of all that is
Leaving your
raw aliveness
floating free
in a mysterious void

Opening to Self
is a bareback ride on a
wild horse
Untameable freedom
calls for
immeasurable devotion
Essential divinity
is the ineffable gift
of deep diving
Free falling
and trusting
truth has wings
or there is no ground

Spacious awareness
Mysterious beauty
Haunting call
Where am I now?
Fall in and in
to emptiness
where I stands no more
Grace took
your place
and all that remains
is a shimmering
glint in the eye
of Being

2015 cb



Talk no longer about it

Look no longer for it

Be here


You are it

Live it now

simply resting

in the stillness

of what is

Nothing to change

just stop and notice

what is here

in present

moment awareness


On the surface



dynamic flow

of life living itself

All taking place

in you


You are unbounded


a silent field

still as can be

holding it all

animating it all

pervading it all

with your silent essence


You are that

which does not come and go

that which is silent in nature

awareness is silent

silence is aware


So rest here

go nowhere

who you are is the space

your thoughts are taking place in

your curiosity

your inquiry

is in you

like an elephant

in the room


Look behind

there you are

look inside

you are here

rest right here and fall in

to yourself

between your words

in the pause

as in breath

becomes out breath

here you are


Living simply

in this moment

no where else

but here



It always falls back to
As life’s activity comes
it goes
Passing through
like drifting clouds
in clear blue eternal vastness
A silent field
never stirring
There is only ever

This that is always present
This that is the pure light of Being
This that does not come and go
This that is stillness transfixed
in divine reverence

And here
there is nothing to do
Nothing to be or achieve
No goals
there is only
This perfection
Radiant shining

This is God
This is source
This is reality
is totality
is unity
is awareness
Pure and simple
No thing

From this
everything appears
and surrenders
back into itself
Only to appear
in a perpetual flow
of knowing itself
as this

There is nothing to happen
no experience to have
just experiencing
what is
is already fulfilled
Absolute perfect Being

All that is seen in appearance
is a creation of divine mother
crafted from god’s radiance
dancing in it’s own light
emptiness swirling
in joyful knowing

Dive deep
Fly high
Stand perfectly still
We discover
at our depth
Pure purity
Clear clarity
Simple simplicity
Brilliant brilliance
Knowing that knows
All there is

You are

2015 cb


Silent Prayer

Silence is a prayer
A prayer that is
in and around

This silent prayer
An invitation
to let go into
the longing
the call
of the impulse for freedom
the impulse to know the fullness
of what we are
of who we are
Silence is calling us
home to

The instant
the impulse
enters conscious awareness
we are already
on our way
awakening starts
awakening is here
but we get distracted by
our concepts and
a seeker is born
we start looking
here and there
when who we truly are
is in the pure presence
of this moment

Dwell here
in the stillness
Say yes to freedom
Fall into grace
let her take you
all the way home
on the divine breath
of this
silent prayer

2015 cb


Divinely Human

Divine human
Expression of
You are the unseen
The radiance
of supreme brilliance
as the flow of life
from the depths
of One
as many
You are that from
which you emerge
so completely
No seam can be
the divinity you are
and the breath of silence
that lives you
You are breathing
Seeing the world
through God’s eye
Presenting perfectly
as stillness
and it’s dynamism
Nothing and
A diamond
and it’s clarity
Light of source
and glistening
sparks of life
Everything you are
can only be perfect
Emerging out of what is
already fulfilled
always whole
You know this
You are this
You are that
Divine human
Delight in
the ordinary
of life
2015 cb