Cosmic Heart knows…


If one heart is breaking, all hearts are breaking. The one cosmic heart can hold the heartbreak as the cosmic heart knows itSelf as freedom, as love, as God consciousness. It knows that the cracking of breaking heart is the opportunity for Truth to filter in.

The mind is a like a fish bowl. It is limited and goes around and around looking for answers from a limited source of ideas or knowledge. Even seemingly ‘unique’ ideas are usually dug from the depths of the fishbowl.

There is a resonance that lights up within our Being when we hear Truth spoken. We remember who we truly are when consciousness hears itSelf and gets a clear reflection of Self. We relax, we know… we seek and search and a longing to konw more of that Truth arises.

Consciousness is unlimited, unbounded and appears to be the background that we can at times come into connection with. When we connect with this feeling of source, god, nature, essence we feel at home, peace, freedom, bliss, content etc…

Most of life for an individual takes place in the waves of experience and there is only a vague memory of Self as something vaster. The life of the individual, the story of me is a beautiful and ever changing place to be. However, sometimes it can get rough and feel overwhelming and scary and too much. The mind tries to think it’s way out of the pain, a feeling of wanting to die can arise. A way out of the pain of feeling trapped in a seeming constant downward spiralling misery. In particular when we have searched high and low and have the financial resources to buy anything and yet nothing seems to satiate the monster of pain that keeps arising… what are we to do?

What consciousness wants us to know is that this place is a deep homesickness, a longing to know, remember the truth of who we are. To remember that we are not the mind swimming around the fishbowl, limited, trapped within the life of a small me. We are the vast, unbounded ocean of consciousness, limitless, eternal. And the urge to die, is an urge to die into freedom, for the small ego self to die into the truth of it’s unboundedness. To surrender fully in the wholeness of love.

But then why at that moment of extreme desperation does the shift to awakened consciousness not always take place and the physical body dies, ceases to be.

Consciousness says there is perfection here. There is always perfection. That our minds cannot find sense or understanding in the crashing waves of experience but that the ocean knows. Wholeness knows that everything that takes place in experience is part of the wholeness. When we read a story in the media we interpret it with our mind, through the filter of our ‘personal’ experience, our emotions get touched. The benefit of this is that it can open us to a deeper inquiry about what this life is all about.

Our minds have no way of understanding or making sense of the the seemingly crazy, sad and painful events that take place in the world. But we somehow know to find certain things unacceptable and other events which bring feelings of joy, happiness, laughter as acceptable. Everything unfolding in experience is in perfect balance. There is only one consciousness creating all of experience for itSelf as a playground, to know itSelf better. It is all created as a way of calling itSelf home. An exquisite soul call… For those that are left wondering about these seemingly ‘tragic’ events’, the most beautiful and useful thing we can do is sit with the emotions and feelings that arise in our body and not really engage in the stories that the mind wants to travel with. Feel the feelings in the body without even naming them. Feel.. feel it all.

Be fully with the feelings. The more that we can learn to be fully with all the feelings that arise in our bodies the closer we come to freedom. When we can let go of the protection and fences we build around our hearts out of fear and let go into feeling it all we touch the edges of experience and start to know the truth of our unbounded unlimited Self. At the edge of experience we recognise our true home, the home that never leaves, that does not need anything or anyone to feel deep and lasting contentment. That does not find anything unacceptable, that knows itSelf as whole in every unfolding experience.

More than ever, consciousness is calling itSelf home. Inviting us to awaken to the truth of who we are and be fully in the experience of our humanity and divinity as two sides of the very same coin of consciousness, of wholeness. Without knowing our divinity, our humanity will always seems lacking. Our human experience is the beautiful ever changing part of consciousness and once we also know through direct experience the ever present, eternal silence awareness as the fullness of ourselves, we find our true and lasting home, we find simple freedom and no thoughts or stories can take us out of contentment.

The greatest and most simple question we can ask is ‘Who Am I?’. We might first reveal layers of identity and personality, and as we peel them back we move to the edge of experience as we discard anything that changes until we find something that does not change. The silent background. We drop into the stillness that anchors us as presence… and here we know our divinity, our wholeness.

Consciousness will not rest until all sentient beings awaken to the wholeness of Self…. Say yes, un-guard your heart and let go into your true cosmic nature.