Fiery Love

Everything we see
is our Self
There is only one
When we stop raging
against ourselves
Burning the Truth
of our hearts
and soul
for the pleasures and
pains of illusion
The appearance of us
raging and blazing against
our world
can stop

And knowing will know…
Peace in our hearts
will appear as peace
in our world

Flowing wakefulness
is right here in the
stillness of the moment
in the one awareness
that is you
that is me
that is all apparent others
that is the majesty of trees
blazing in authentic surrender

We belong to each other
we are not separate
we are the land
the trees
the fire
the firefighters
the spark that
lit up the sky
the sun
the heat
the water
the change
no blame
no other
just one
conscious awareness
coming home
to the perfect
Truth of Being

Love is all
Love is love
All love

2015 cb


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