True Gift

Truth offers itself
as a glimmer
or a glimpse
or an almighty bang
in every moment
as a gift
consistently committed
like no

We search
for the meaning in life
for purpose
for love
All the time
we are offered
dynamic views
of our magnificence
as gentle kisses
from truth

Separate self
controlled by mind
ignores them
intent on
searching for some ‘thing’ other
something else
created as a conceptual belief
of purpose
or what this life is about
the pot of gold
the riches and successes
that appear so shiny
and alluring

Slowing down
and pausing
breathing into stillness
simply reveals
our true nature
pure presence
right here
awake to

Being needs nothing
other than this
fully satiated moment
Can we receive
the gift our our
Or will our drive
for active searching
keep us on
an endless exhausting path
towards the allure
of what?

The absolute acceptance
of this moment
reveals a resonance
of joy
deep peace
Bliss flows
as the dance of
pain and pleasure
on the surface of life
held in the embrace
of deep silent Being
that knows
its fullness

Truth is right here
waiting for you
to see
truly see
who you are
who you have always been
to recognise
the glory
the gift
of your Self
is here
in your

cb 2015


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