Mirror of Perfection

I promise you nothing

For I have nothing to give

Nothing to prove

And nothing to be

No thing here

Just a report

From the emptiness of nothing

The expansive land of everything

This quaint country

Called human existence

Expressing now


I can teach you nothing

I have nothing to teach

These words are a whisper

The breath of silence

Touching you

Truth awakening it’s own essence

In you

Stirring the seeds

Grace planted

Eons ago

Pay no attention to the words

Feel the essence that is woven

Between and beyond

These words

That cannot really begin to describe

The wordless wonder

But point inexorably to

The experience

Of this


Words that spark aliveness

Shooting arrows of truth’s fire

Igniting the driest wood

And warming that which is damp

Every spark

Beaming rays of golden knowing

Magnetising Self’s perfection

To collect the rest of itself


Home to

Wholeness itSelf

To the field

Where all things reside

As beauty

Reflected by nothing

Pure perception

Of a world emanating truth

The appearance of love

Crafted from the presence of holy knowing

Where nothing happens

Yet everything is happening

To no one

What sublime hilarity

A divine paradox

This life unfolding

In the light

Of grace

Luminously available

To all who


Long to see

Their own Breath

In the mirror

Of perfection

2015 cb