Body of Awareness

A guided meditation shared from Silence, guiding the body into direct remembering of it’s true nature as awareness which is unbounded, infinite and eternally present.  This approach offers a compliment to satsang (and could be described as satsang through the body) an invitation to experience the body as the flow of sensations in conscious awareness. We listen in open receptivity to silent awareness and feel it embodied as sensation then move from the subtle body with quiet reverence.

A contracted body cannot be fully receptive to Truth / Grace so in relaxing the body /mind we invite an openness to receive and embody the flow of wakefulness. The class offers a deep rest and awareness of the cosmic nature of the body.

Open to all – no yoga experience or special clothing needed just a sincere openness and love of Truth.

I am delighted to share the beauty and richness of Being with you…

Classes will start in May 2017 (online attendance possible)


*Audio recordings available on media page*

We have read and heard that perfection lies in letting go of the idea of ourselves as mere bodies and minds. But how is it done? With Clare’s rich and gentle voice guiding us, awareness of physical body yields to awareness of subtle body, and then to awareness itself.”

vc – Salt Spring Island, BC


Clare describes the terrain of Awakening through Satsang gatherings, Body of Awareness meditation, as well as her private/individual sessions.  In each of these offerings, her clear anchoring in Truth shines through and bit by bit I am drawn away from my busy mind, the knot of engrained habits, and a contracted physical body. I am drawn deeper into the awareness of the flow of emptiness and fullness of who I truly am.”

jar – Comox Valley, BC