Private Sessions

Let go of struggle and relax into the stillness of your own heart –  the heart of Silent Being – not as a concept but through direct experience.

When you realize your Self there is joy in everything, in every moment, because there is no longer a search for something else, like connection, approval, validation, acceptance, love, fulfilment, purpose, truth etc – everything is seen as perfect as it is.

We wonder what it is we need to find to feel whole. We search high and low for that missing piece. What you are searching for is yourSelf – who you truly are – that is why all great wisdom teachings always point us within.  There is nothing to search for, nothing to seek, nowhere to go and nothing to achieve.

This is it… right here now, pure, perfect presence… this is who you truly are!

You are invited to join Clare for a private session and bring any questions that are currently arising in awareness. Together we will explore beyond your story in unconditional loving presence.  The session will likely include silence, laughter, realizations, clarity, a sense of comfort and friendship, connection, honesty and guidance. The sessions arise in the moment and we meet whatever opens up together in an informal environment.

Private Sessions are for anyone who has a sincere interest in Truth, Self inquiry and Being… Questions could be about awakening, meditation, practice, relationships, anything at all that is present for you in the moment. There is no criteria to meet. You might not even have a question but just be drawn to be together. Please come and we will meet whatever arises in present moment awareness. Some might call these sessions awakening guidance or private satsang…

From direct experience in all inclusive awareness Clare meets you where you are. She gently guides you to meet the silence and stillness that are the essence of Being and reminds you of what you have always known, that you are unbounded awareness – wholeness itself.

“Awareness knows the delicate mechanisms of the human condition and from this perspective, combined with many years of experience as a healer, counsellor and mentor I support you see through the illusion of the ego self and the beliefs, patterns and conditioning that may be holding you in an idea separation, causing sorrow and suffering.  When you are truly willing to let go of what binds you, the unbounded true nature can be experienced directly.

There is a profound, nourishing, transformational benefit to sharing time in deep silent awareness with Self.  As we meet in the light of pure awareness, the unbounded love that is the root of all Being flows into the space and old patterns start to dissolve and a peaceful clarity arises”

Sessions are available in person, on Skype or phone.