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Open Satsang Meetings

We cannot choose freedom. It does not belong to the mind. There is nothing we can do or not do. Ultimately, we are already eternally free. We can only Be who we are. At some point Life brings us to a deeper inquiry and the fire of truth becomes so burningly bright and alive that all that we have believed ourselves to be turns wholeheartedly towards Truth. This is what brings us to Satsang. Satsang is an outstretched hand that accompanies you into the boundless presence of Being, in the letting go of concepts and ideas, continually pointing to what you are and have always been. You are invited into intimacy with Self, into your wholeness. When the burning desire to know freedom is stronger than the desire to defend the sense of ‘me and my story’ there is a surrender to what is. This is freedom. This is Love.” cb

Satsang is a gathering together for the purpose of sharing a love of Truth. In sanskrit the meaning is ‘in the company of the highest Truth’. In Satsang the power of Truth – pure conscious awareness facilitates. Satsang starts with silent sitting, resting as open awareness, opening into a spoken infusion of Being, spontaneous talk and an opportunity for questions, expression and inquiry.

Satsang with Clare is perfectly aligned for dedicated seekers of Truth and those who are sincerely curious about the True Nature of Being. No particular experience or ‘spiritual’ background is necessary.

Clare shares Satsang 1-2 x weekly in Courtenay and in Victoria and Seattle periodically and is open to travel by invitation.


Weekly Open Satsang Meetings In Courtenay, BC

Location: Body Heart & Soul Yoga Studio, 158B Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

Schedule: Tuesday  – 7.00 – 9.00pm

Please check schedule for exact dates and on the day. Meetings are held every Tuesday except when Clare is travelling.

Contribution / Dana: Offered by dana donation – suggested $15-20  (no one turned away for lack of funds)


Click here for satsang schedule


“As soon as I attended the first large group Satsang with Clare I knew I had found my teacher. Following decades of journeying along the path of ‘awakening’ I deeply sensed that I was ready for a teacher that was clear and accessible. Attending small group Satsang and Body of Awareness classes has been a prayer answered. The direct pointing and guidance from Clare has further established the silent witness that has led to a deepening love affair of Truth. I notice that saying ‘yes’ to a teacher and sangha has propelled within me a deeper commitment and all consuming abidance as Truth. I feel so incredibly grateful to have like minded people that I can share this hunger for Truth with.”

am  – Courtenay, BC

This week I was sitting there in my chair feeling amazed and overjoyed at the quality of  the Satsang teaching/gathering as being as good and clear as any I was privileged to hear in Burma and India.  What a blessing right in my home town.  Right here.  Right now.

mq – Comox Valley, BC

“What I’ve really noticed so far in all the group Satsangs – and it really shows up in the small groups – the way you answer questions – and how you take the threads of them and guide toward deep connection and receptivity for the whole group.  And direct the group toward a knowing/experiencing of the open, vast stillness and potent ‘aliveness’ of the ‘field’ – and this is amazing/wonderful/beautiful/incredible/rich – whatever words you may want to use – how about ‘exceptional’?. Wanting to offer you – from my long past of ‘satsanging’ – a personal observation!”

db  – Comox Valley, BC

I have been a “spiritual student” for most of my life, and, of course,  I am grateful for all of those who have “held up a light“ for me. Yet,  I have never encountered a teacher more able to awaken in this being, true Self. When Clare leads a Guided Meditation, she speaks from the “real time” lived experience of  Universal Self.  There is nothing in her talk to engage the mind, yet her words are compelling to Self.  The result, in my experience,  is that Self is energized and enlivened  until it is recognized clearly to be the true Identity of everyone and everything, the “ground of being” from which everything emerges.  The “me” or individual separate identity, fades into a distant background, while all of the qualities of Truth (all of those things we humans universally long for) emerge as predominant – Love, Peace, Wholeness, Joy and Mirth.  Nothing is “other”. Since I have been sitting with Clare, I have noticed Self (True Identity) becoming more and more predominant, not as something that has to be achieved or remembered, but simply as what is, always was, and always will be.  Infinite gratitude, Clare.

at – Comox Valley, BC

“In an age when there are so many ‘self-help’ offerings and ‘professed’ teachers who claim to have the 10-step guide to enlightenment, Clare acts as a tuning fork to the vibration of Truth – guiding me forever deeper into my Being – deeper into the truth of who I am. She does this simply, clearly and so tenderly, using her voice, offering her own lived and integrated experiences of awakening. She deftly guides us/me to Truth and Awareness through humour, and practical encouragement. I needed to meet a woman who could teach from this very real connection to Cosmic Being – freed from the conditioning of the separate self, – yet who someone who allows me to see her ‘humanness’. ”

jsr – Comox Valley, BC

At Clare’s Satsangs and Body of Awareness classes she regularly hits it out of the ball park!  In decades past I drove or flew thousands of kilometres and spent many months on retreats with spiritual teachers who had much less impact on me than Clare.  She doesn’t intend to inform or to entertain. Her gift is to guide us into the direct experience of Unconditioned Awareness, here and now, and to perceive and act from the perspective of that Awareness.

jb – Comox Valley, BC

When Clare speaks about awakening, the very concept of awakening itself dissolves. What is left is a deep down resonance that is more than this body and yet includes this body, that is more than the mind and yet includes the mind. Truth, as it comes through Clare, is simply felt, in the same way the warmth of the sun is felt. To sit with Clare, is to look directly into the mirror of divine remembrance; to let go into the territory of awareness of all that IS

ns – Comox Valley, BC