Satsang Groups

Satsang Groups

Deeper Inquiry Satsang Group

Location: Private Residence Courtenay / Comox, BC.

Schedule: Thursday 7-9pm

Prerequisite: Regular attendance of weekly satsang

Contribution / Dana: suggested $20



“As soon as I attended the first large group Satsang with Clare I knew I had found my teacher. Following decades of journeying along the path of ‘awakening’ I deeply sensed that I was ready for a teacher that was clear and accessible. Attending small group Satsang and Body of Awareness classes has been a prayer answered. The direct pointing and guidance from Clare has further established the Witness that has led to a deepening love affair of Truth. I notice that saying ‘yes’ to a teacher and  Sangha has propelled within me a deeper commitment and all consuming abidance as Truth. I feel so incredibly grateful to have like minded people that I can share this hunger for Truth with.”

am – Courtenay

I have been a “spiritual student” for most of my life, and, of course,  I am grateful for all of those who have “held up a light“ for me. Yet,  I have never encountered a teacher more able to awaken in this being, true Self. When Clare leads a Guided Meditation, she speaks from the “real time” lived experience of  Universal Self.  There is nothing in her talk to engage the mind, yet her words are compelling to Self.  The result, in my experience,  is that Self is energized and enlivened  until it is recognized clearly to be the true Identity of everyone and everything, the “ground of being” from which everything emerges.  The “me” or individual separate identity, fades into a distant background, while all of the qualities of Truth (all of those things we humans universally long for) emerge as predominant – Love, Peace, Wholeness, Joy and Mirth.  Nothing is “other”. Since I have been sitting with Clare, I have noticed Self (True Identity) becoming more and more predominant, not as something that has to be achieved or remembered, but simply as what is, always was, and always will be.  Infinite gratitude, Clare.

at – Comox Valley, BC


Clare is able to guide me to those subtle, tender and often overlooked moments in my life, when Truth and Awareness are always present and whispering to me. She gently slows me down. I tune to her devotion and connection to Truth then find myself journeying into the stillness of Awareness – falling deeply into the vastness of my cosmic nature.

jsr – Comox Valley