The Teaching of Silence

The invitation is to rest in perfect stillness and discover the truth of who you are.  If you have found your way here the spark is already ignited, it could already be blazing. Wherever you are, we meet in the perfection of silence and discover the purity of Being which is our innate essential nature, that which we have always been beyond the continual narrative we tell ourselves, beyond the concepts and ideas that build the story of me.

Essential Teaching of Silence

The essential teaching is silent stillness and all that is revealing itself in silence.

There is a continual direct pointing to what is here in present moment awareness. That which does not move – the unbounded silent awareness that is you. Silence is simultaneously still and dynamic and is who you are. Becoming deeply intimate with silence offers an immediate sensing, perceiving of Self-realization.

Silence brings us into direct experience of what ‘I’ is. In this realisation we know our undivided, unbounded nature which is freedom, love, peace and genuine joy. The realization that you are not a separate, individual self, identified with the mind body, that what you are is unbounded silent awareness aware of itSelf arises when Self awakens to the reality and full value of itself beyond the mind.

There is no person that awakens. Awakening is out of the idea that there is a separate self into the realization of Self as unbounded silent awareness, as pure presence, as consciousness.

The mind cannot understand or fathom that it is not the controller. Let go of thinking or trying to find an intellectual understanding as this realization can never be understood by the mind. It can only be known in direct experience which is a feeling, sensing, perceiving of the unbounded nature of Self as a field of awareness.

Awakening is a surrender to what is, an unconditional openness.

In sharing I speak directly from silent Self. There is nothing to do or achieve as what you are is right here now. Awakening is not a future happening.

Once the impulse to realize your true Self is alive, life is already altered and the trajectory is in full pursuit of direct knowing.

This is where I can support you  – through private sessions, satang meetings, intensives, online classes and retreats.

‘I’ points clearly to what you are and have always been and supports the living embodiment of self realization as it unfolds and blossoms into the wholeness of Being.

In the discovery of your Self,  you begin to live this freedom fully as your divine Self expressed in life as fully embodied Beingness moving with joyous awareness in all that arises and appears before you.  Life is not always pretty but in the realision of your true nature you are ‘in the world but not of it’.  You live the extraordinariness of who you are in the most ordinary ways recognizing the sublime reality that is alive in every moment.

Prepare to be astonished!