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Silent Sketch #2

Words are carried
in silence
What the words say
does not matter
it is the presence
of this moment
they arrive in
that lands
in a knowing place

A knowing place
beyond time and space
Before the story
of me
small and bound
Arriving in presence
Here we are
empty of all
that defines,
That holds us contained

Arriving in our silent home
Unbounded awareness
Only aware of now
Freedom, the letting go
of all concepts
we build our fragile world
of separation upon
A world built on thoughts
tentative and volatile

Allowing edges to soften,
merging into what is
These words just pointers
to what is here
The silence they are carried in
an invitation to know
who you are
Right now
Dive deeper than the surface
and discover Being

Words dance to entice the mind
into resonant surrender
Silence pervades all that is
Sowing a seed of stillness
Growing quietly
Letting go of being the one
in control
Expanding into emptiness
and resting
in the now
Presence is the key
the doorway
the map
the territory
the truth
Silence calls
Presence is
This moment is
You are


Silent Sketch #1


Drop deeper
than the shallow water
of life’s story
Live from
silent source
where Being is the
movement of heart
to speak
to act
All motion is Being
in flow

Swim below
thoughts and opinions
of being right
or being wrong
Dwell not
in the swell
but in the depths of
Silent Being

In unmoving stillness
there is no you
or me
Just one
Hold onto nothing
Project nothing
Rest as an open
As openness itself

All answers are held
in silence
not understanding
not believing
but knowing
what is

In the stillness of silence
nothing more is needed

In silence
the richness
is abundant beyond words
Bliss is known as
pure acceptance of what is
Joy is causeless contentment
Love is all

Swimming on the surface
is fleeting
Deep diving through layers
of life into wholeness

Awareness Being


Well of Silence

is the key to
the full
truth of Being

To know silence
is to know God

So you see
silence is a
you want to
spend time with

Silent devotion
is the end of
The end of suffering
A refuge of
divine knowing

All that you are
is right here
in the simple
of silence

The silent well
is overflowing
Drink now
Quench your thirst
for Self
Fill yourself
with God

2015 cb


Gone Beyond

With allowing

Truth will guide you

effortlessly into the

next unfolding

into the winds of change

blowing down the house

built from old material

seen and unseen

Let it crumble into

the dust of freedom

Be blown

into love’s


where surrender

is the only way

and the deepest

knowing of your divinity



Be blown



all gone

Freedom is


Gone beyond


This Morning

This morning
wake up
to yourself
with whole hearted

Greet yourself
with compassion
and gentle honouring

Be exactly
where you are
without desire
to be anywhere

Allow the stillness
of the moment
to fill you
to remind you
that you are here
with divine perfection
and all that is
is here as the
fullness of
experiencing itSelf

There is nothing personal here
all is cosmic unfolding
and you
are a unique
and essential
point in wholeness

You are the living
of life
a divine instrument
being finely tuned
and played
while dancing to the
symphony of oneness

Be gentle
as you take each step
notice little mind
wanting to spin a yarn
about this and that

Watch it
bless it
and melt into
the silent background
of Being
as the witness to
the dance while
flowing in it
as it

Smile with
compassionate humour
at your story
revealing itself
like a movie
(you the star!)
and how it can
suck you into
it’s spin

Feel it
embrace it
love it

Keep watching
shining light from
all that you are
onto all that is
change nothing
fix nothing
be here
in harmony
with divine will

Dance with yourself
in the beauty
of now
want nothing more

2015 cb


Living Simple Truth

I was invited by One The Magazine to share the story of the awakening realizations that radically shifted perspective and changed life as I knew it beyond, way beyond anything that could have been imagined. This ‘story’ has not been told until now. It is offered in service, in joy, in gratitude….

“The alchemy of the moment of awakening is up to grace. There is nothing special that I have done and no clues of my unfolding can be implemented into another’s path. I am just like you, but more than that, I am you.”

Living Simple Truth


Freedom Is

I can neither love you
nor love you not
I am love
Emotions that arise
affect not
the love that
I am
that you are
that is

Emotions cannot
touch the radiance
of Being
Who you are
I am
I am undisturbed
by thoughts
by feelings
by emotions
I push nothing
I meet all that is
as it is

Who you are
is not a state
of Being
Freedom is constant
and always here
everything that appears
arises in freedom

Moods come and go
in boundless
silent awareness
that is you
You are not
your moods
You are luminous stillness
that is not separate
from emotions flowing
Absolute unity

You can be fully human
and you are always free
from any idea of separation
that mind may cling to
You are infinite
beyond anything
thoughts can possibly

Experience emotions
but turn away from the story
that has the habit of
spinning a web of
invisible bondage
that fools
you into believing
you are the wave
and not the ocean
deep and free

Do not run
from emotion
Be still
and open
this pivotal turning point as
a dense knot of fear
and suffering loosening
and losing it’s power over you
as you rest
allowing all to be
as it is
you realize
there is no power
outside of pure consciousness
You are the power
and presence
of God

Awareness is you
I am
one awareness
loving what is
is here
omnipotently divine
What I am
has never been bound
What you are
has always been free

2015 cb


Be the Honey

Know yourself
as the honey
The honey itself
Tasting little drops
of sweetness
may bring you
but knowing
as the sweetness
is the bliss
of freedom

Melt into
the honey
of Being
the sweetness
of wholeness
where everything is
held in compassionate
what is
as it is

If you only
know sweetness
as something
and not as who you are
you will always be
looking for another fix
of sweet pleasure
and wanting to avoid the pain
that rudely takes away
the sweet feeling

When sweetness
is who you are
all things
can come and go
creating ripples
in the sea of happening
Yet remaining
unstirred in the depths of soul

Nothing is not welcome
The fullness of experience
is free to unfold
and bare it’s teeth
if it has to
as we see it all
for what it is
Allowing intimacy
with all of yourself
as life
is the beauty
the honey
of Being

2015 cb