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Be Found

Come out of the shadows
enter life
make an agreement
to live
your humanness
In the light
of presence
you silently spin
in reverence
of what you have
always known
You have been hiding
wearing the protective
coat of separation
masked by the story
Be your own companion
in just Being
Be alone
so alone
any notion of other
You are held
by the unseen mystery
of your own wholeness
Presence drops you on
the edge
of what is known
and unknown
the precipice of infinity
It is here, now
that life begins
Conscious life
Human life
Divine life
All one
living miracle
The play of existence
Are you willing
to embrace the freedom
you seek?
To see your Self
To take the hand of love
with which you love
Step out of the shadows
Give up
the battle of maintaining
the limited self
and melt
into Being
intimate with
your disappearance
Into all
that you are
Show up
Fall into the
well of your
heart’s longing
Be found

Divine Mother

Divine Mother
Your grace is
my heart song
This life is your pulse
I am your vessel
being played
in perfect flow

Feast and be
through this body
Through this heart
I live your mercy and
I know your love

At your lotus feet
I bow
This devotion I am
is the flow of
your breath
All that I see is your
your creation
your golden light
spinning into Being

Everything I do
is a silent prayer
inviting your pristine purity
into every atom
of Being
so that I may serve
you more
I reside
in you
you in me

Glorious One
Mother of All
that is
Divine Mother
this heart of light
is yours


Musings from this moment…

You are awareness. Between two thoughts you are. Between two breaths you are. Behind all that moves and changes there is one awareness, ever present awareness you are. The silence between sounds you are. Rest with curiosity in the unmoving stillness. Dissolve into the silence behind, between, beyond all that comes and goes and you are…. that!




Everything is both right and wrong or neither right or wrong! The world of existence can be viewed from a myriad of perspectives. The aperture of seeing can be very small or open to infinity. From a separate self to the Absolute and beyond… Each perspective is it’s own perfection. All one awareness. There is nothing here that is not Divine Mother consciousness, God, Source, Light…. as the aperture opens in awakening, the deepening of this knowing rests and love and acceptance are revealed as the pure nature of awareness. Compassion is revealed as the natural loving presence of Divine Mother in all embracing mercy for her children. There is no opinion to have. Everything is welcome as everything that appears is spun from the light of divinity… everything… and this can be known always in the presence of the moment, right here what is, is. We are divinity, Being human, the expression of what is, but really these are all just words… there is only ONE with no other, no second, only ONE… and you are that whatever perspective you perceive, see, feel or experience from. All inclusive awareness… ONE!

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Blessing of Now

A day of grace
Divine Being
This moment
is the only gift 
you need
Rest here
in the blessing of

Know your Self
as the pure light
of conscious awareness
Shining bright
Whatever the story on
the surface says
You are whole
You are life
You are love



It always falls back to
As life’s activity comes
it goes
Passing through
like drifting clouds
in clear blue eternal vastness
A silent field
never stirring
There is only ever

This that is always present
This that is the pure light of Being
This that does not come and go
This that is stillness transfixed
in divine reverence

And here
there is nothing to do
Nothing to be or achieve
No goals
there is only
This perfection
Radiant shining

This is God
This is source
This is reality
is totality
is unity
is awareness
Pure and simple
No thing

From this
everything appears
and surrenders
back into itself
Only to appear
in a perpetual flow
of knowing itself
as this

There is nothing to happen
no experience to have
just experiencing
what is
is already fulfilled
Absolute perfect Being

All that is seen in appearance
is a creation of divine mother
crafted from god’s radiance
dancing in it’s own light
emptiness swirling
in joyful knowing

Dive deep
Fly high
Stand perfectly still
We discover
at our depth
Pure purity
Clear clarity
Simple simplicity
Brilliant brilliance
Knowing that knows
All there is

You are

2015 cb


Silent Prayer

Silence is a prayer
A prayer that is
in and around

This silent prayer
An invitation
to let go into
the longing
the call
of the impulse for freedom
the impulse to know the fullness
of what we are
of who we are
Silence is calling us
home to

The instant
the impulse
enters conscious awareness
we are already
on our way
awakening starts
awakening is here
but we get distracted by
our concepts and
a seeker is born
we start looking
here and there
when who we truly are
is in the pure presence
of this moment

Dwell here
in the stillness
Say yes to freedom
Fall into grace
let her take you
all the way home
on the divine breath
of this
silent prayer

2015 cb


Well of Silence

is the key to
the full
truth of Being

To know silence
is to know God

So you see
silence is a
you want to
spend time with

Silent devotion
is the end of
The end of suffering
A refuge of
divine knowing

All that you are
is right here
in the simple
of silence

The silent well
is overflowing
Drink now
Quench your thirst
for Self
Fill yourself
with God

2015 cb


Gone Beyond

With allowing

Truth will guide you

effortlessly into the

next unfolding

into the winds of change

blowing down the house

built from old material

seen and unseen

Let it crumble into

the dust of freedom

Be blown

into love’s


where surrender

is the only way

and the deepest

knowing of your divinity



Be blown



all gone

Freedom is


Gone beyond


Golden Light

Sun bright
one light
one source
beaming rays
like visiting stars
in shadows
with you

Simple exquisite
mandala of life
fiery aliveness
through you

Turning towards
the mystery
closed eyes
in warming
golden light
untamed presence
left its longing
in you

Something will be lost
Nothing will be missed
is eternally fulfilled

Invisible foot prints
as gold dust
walked upon by God

2015 cb


So Close

Who you are
is so close
it is mingling
with all you think of
as you
there is no room
for a path
between you
and yourSelf
not even room
for a bridge

You are right here
in this infinite
pure presence
awake to

Rest now on
the path
to the divine
you are building
and following
paved with concepts
thick with ideas
and thoughts
to be true

Leave the dream house
of mind to it’s thinking
Be right here
with what is real
ever present
is you

You are in God
God is in you
Be still
and know
what is real
and true

2015 cb