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Taste Silence

Life is
the garden
of individuality
in reverence
of the exquisite
of divine
She dances
with prowess
as Everything
Dying into
the freedom
of true living
I love you
She says
Planting the words
on this tongue
Echoing her
heart song
from these lips
I am you
She says
Every breath
Every move
Every sound
Every feeling
The world of play
as a perpetual
dance of
Bowing into
what is
without a prayer
only by its own
Be filled
the Love
that you are
into your Self

Flowing Grace

And all at once
she knew
she was wise
Just as rain
knows how to fall,
she knew how to
As tall trees
wrapped in knarly bark
undulating with ancient knowing,
she knew

Divine Intelligence
coursed through her,
filled her cells,
as she opened
to what is
All of it

She felt the flow
of dynamic grace
enter her Being
From the surface of life
to the silent depths of stillness
she found the anchor of peace
Holding it all
in unmoving

She knew
nothing would ever
be the same
and yet nothing
had changed

In the bereft void
her heart
burst open
A seed of truth
sprouted alive, vital
with loving presence
Lightness of Being
bloomed from darkness
Beyond the beyond
where only love resides


Divine Mother

Divine Mother
Your grace is
my heart song
This life is your pulse
I am your vessel
being played
in perfect flow

Feast and be
through this body
Through this heart
I live your mercy and
I know your love

At your lotus feet
I bow
This devotion I am
is the flow of
your breath
All that I see is your
your creation
your golden light
spinning into Being

Everything I do
is a silent prayer
inviting your pristine purity
into every atom
of Being
so that I may serve
you more
I reside
in you
you in me

Glorious One
Mother of All
that is
Divine Mother
this heart of light
is yours


Musings from this moment…

You are awareness. Between two thoughts you are. Between two breaths you are. Behind all that moves and changes there is one awareness, ever present awareness you are. The silence between sounds you are. Rest with curiosity in the unmoving stillness. Dissolve into the silence behind, between, beyond all that comes and goes and you are…. that!




Everything is both right and wrong or neither right or wrong! The world of existence can be viewed from a myriad of perspectives. The aperture of seeing can be very small or open to infinity. From a separate self to the Absolute and beyond… Each perspective is it’s own perfection. All one awareness. There is nothing here that is not Divine Mother consciousness, God, Source, Light…. as the aperture opens in awakening, the deepening of this knowing rests and love and acceptance are revealed as the pure nature of awareness. Compassion is revealed as the natural loving presence of Divine Mother in all embracing mercy for her children. There is no opinion to have. Everything is welcome as everything that appears is spun from the light of divinity… everything… and this can be known always in the presence of the moment, right here what is, is. We are divinity, Being human, the expression of what is, but really these are all just words… there is only ONE with no other, no second, only ONE… and you are that whatever perspective you perceive, see, feel or experience from. All inclusive awareness… ONE!

FORT MCMURRAY, AB - JUNE 20: What may look like a common forest is actually part of the oil sands oil field. There is oil product just below the surface on hundreds of thousands of acres in Alberta.There is explosive growth in the oil field areas around Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The oil extracted from this area is the product that would travel through the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.(Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post

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Love Is

Passing through
the door of stillness
We discover the sanctuary
of infinite freedom
While life is shaking
at it’s very foundations
Being’s silent presence
holds strong
in quiet knowing
Deeper than the
surface quaking
Heart rests
Gazing upon the
simple beauty
of a flower
Sacred happening
in glorious detail
Hummingbird joyfully free
is nourished by sweetness
The same divine nectar
I am drinking in
The bee of mind
alights here
Falling in and in
to the ever benevolent
arms of grace
The holiness of Now
lands in the blossom
of heart’s petals
Mother’s mercy
flowing as faith
in all that is
A single tear falls
Within it
universes dance
Love spins a web
of it’s eternal light
and this is
what I am
In all things
Love Being
Love Is

The Dance

One foot steps
courageously another follows
a swirling dance
of destruction

Awakening to Self
baring all
to the naked truth
of Being
So intimate
nothing can be hidden
In this light
everything is revealed
beyond the skin
of contracted comfort

And as the foundations
on which the house
of me is built
tumble into
Blown into the
wind of all that is
Leaving your
raw aliveness
floating free
in a mysterious void

Opening to Self
is a bareback ride on a
wild horse
Untameable freedom
calls for
immeasurable devotion
Essential divinity
is the ineffable gift
of deep diving
Free falling
and trusting
truth has wings
or there is no ground

Spacious awareness
Mysterious beauty
Haunting call
Where am I now?
Fall in and in
to emptiness
where I stands no more
Grace took
your place
and all that remains
is a shimmering
glint in the eye
of Being

2015 cb


Gone Beyond

With allowing

Truth will guide you

effortlessly into the

next unfolding

into the winds of change

blowing down the house

built from old material

seen and unseen

Let it crumble into

the dust of freedom

Be blown

into love’s


where surrender

is the only way

and the deepest

knowing of your divinity



Be blown



all gone

Freedom is


Gone beyond


Golden Light

Sun bright
one light
one source
beaming rays
like visiting stars
in shadows
with you

Simple exquisite
mandala of life
fiery aliveness
through you

Turning towards
the mystery
closed eyes
in warming
golden light
untamed presence
left its longing
in you

Something will be lost
Nothing will be missed
is eternally fulfilled

Invisible foot prints
as gold dust
walked upon by God

2015 cb


Beyond Words

How is it that words fall short?

Delightfully stumbling to describe the indescribable

The Truth that is beyond words

Beyond time and space

Beyond a you and me

Beyond Existence

Oh yes friend, there is everything and nothing here

Such exquisite blissful sweetness

Wells up

Swells with joyful exuberance

And bursts forth

Because joy wants to be outrageously joyful

Is there any better reason than that?

Light wants to shine its iridescent brightness

And silence wants to roar its aliveness into the illusion

To awaken the sleeping dreamers from their slumber

How bright can brightness be?

How beautiful can beauty be?

How present can this moment be?

How full can wholeness be?

How pure and clear can clarity be?

How magnificent can exquisiteness be?

Now words are trying their best

Squeezing meaning out in their industrious delectability to share

the sublime divinity of Oneness

To share this Truth of Omnipotent Godliness

of This

as That…

2015 cb