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Taste Silence

Life is
the garden
of individuality
in reverence
of the exquisite
of divine
She dances
with prowess
as Everything
Dying into
the freedom
of true living
I love you
She says
Planting the words
on this tongue
Echoing her
heart song
from these lips
I am you
She says
Every breath
Every move
Every sound
Every feeling
The world of play
as a perpetual
dance of
Bowing into
what is
without a prayer
only by its own
Be filled
the Love
that you are
into your Self

Fierce Grace


What will it take
to rest
all your weight on to the foot
that walks the divine life?

What will it take
to saturate the
fear of living
With the peace
of loving presence?
To dance in
the freedom of reality

Dive deeper
than this surface
of mind that thinks
it knows something
Stop questioning
the grace that life
is spilling out
and rest

What will it take
to feel,
to truly feel
it all
Right down to the
bones of clarity
And admit
you know not
what to do
Know not how to
Crack open

Rest your forehead
to the ground
Bow at the feet of life
In the glory of
your personal
Meet the true power
that you are
The richness
of love
that swoons in the
heart of Being

Allow praise
to dance on the
tip of your tongue
Allow gratitude to tumble
from your lips
Trust the
the idiosyncrasies
of life
are happening
for you
by you
are you
This is IT

Fall into the silence that is
roaring with aliveness
Drowning out
the voice in
your head that wants you
to dance a small dance
In a circle
around and around

What will it take
to recognize
that life is
blessing you with
the honour
of unfolding
from your smallness
into the largesse of Being

Allow awe to take up residence
Be taken
by your unknowing
May the tears of surrender
swirl into a river of flowing love
that carries you
right to the heart of your
inner most Being

Stay Close

Stay close
so close
to experience
Rest in presence
Hurry not
to think
to express
to share
to conceptualise
Give not this moment
to the mind

Be with your Self
Feel the resonance of
Here Now
Watch the landscape
of consciousness
with curious eyes
as the
I of awareness

Allow happening
to happen
Be with it
Never leave
the moment
for a fantasy future
or dramatic past
Be with the aliveness
of Now
Feel your heart beat
with life’s
rich flow


Stay close
and see
every tender thread
of life
is the warp and weft
of your own
Your true



Just This

Fall at the feet
of Being
Dare to
fall off your perch
Use your wings
to fly
Actually fly
into the infinity
of You
Surrender your
position as
a somebody
Be a nobody
Fall into your Self
Into the emptiness
of Now
Be free




Just This
A mandala crafted
of living elements
Creating patterns
of divine beauty
from hues of light
In a cathedral
of silence
the value of
being lived
in awe




Life is amazingly
gorgeously in love
with itself
In awe of itself
Dying into itself
And what is that
but what is
Pure divine

Just this

  • cb 2016


Freedom Is

We cannot choose freedom. It does not belong to the mind. There is nothing we can do or not do. Ultimately, we are already eternally free. We can only Be who we are. At some point Life brings us to a deeper inquiry and the fire of truth becomes so burningly bright and alive that all that we have believed ourselves to be turns wholeheartedly towards Truth. This is what brings us to Satsang. Satsang is an outstretched hand that accompanies you into the boundless presence of Being, in the letting go of concepts and ideas, continually pointing to what you are and have always been. You are invited into intimacy with Self, into your wholeness. When the burning desire to know freedom is stronger than the desire to defend the sense of ‘me and my story’ there is a surrender to what is. This is freedom. This is Love.