The part of you…

The part of you
that knows
there is more
than linear existence
in time and space

That knows
everything is

The part that
comes alive
in nature
with bare feet on grass
surround by wise old trees
or breathing in ocean air
and on a sunny day
in the brightness
and warmth
of golden light

The part that looks
up at starry skies
and sees a mirror
of your vastness
sparkling infinity

The part that finds peace
and stillness
a refuge from where
a yes arises
a resounding
clear knowing
of this
wordless perfection

The part that knows
there is something to discover
An intrepid explorer
seeking in unknown
unchartered terrains
following the whisper
that seems to
be calling you home

The part that is
following that longing
for wholeness
for belonging
for peace in the world
for suffering to end
to drown in an ocean
of grace

The part that is touched
by words of truth
that nods in accord
to the mystical musings
of Rumi
that expands beyond
the edges of experience
with joyful presence

The part that finds
tears falling for no reason
just touched
by the sheer beauty
of it all

The part that knows
the unknown
is the sweetest
place to be suspended
transcending the story
expanding into

The part that loves everyone
and everything as yourself
that knows that service
is joy
and feels there
is something
you came here for

The part that knows
that world peace
can only come
from within
from a self
that knows itSelf
and peace is who you are
and the end of suffering
is right here
in this eternal moment

Peace of mind
peace of heart
Pieces of a that life
that knows the miracle
of life’s sacred unfolding
seen in the interconnectedness
of everything…

How the ocean tides
are moved by the moon
which only shines
from the reflection of sun
which warms the soil
and makes the rain
which grows us food
which nourishes our bodies
which reproduce life
and death in cycles

How everything we see
is a clue to
our true
our infinite wisdom
and inherent
state of love
and the effortless
nature of truth

The part of you
that knows
that you have always
been free
that there is
no gatekeeper
no password
no key
that wonders
Who am I?

The part that knows
that just behind
the surface
of life
with all it’s beliefs
and ideas and concepts
is pure awareness
nodding back at you
the fulfillment to the
is holding your hand

Rest here
with open hearted
Feel the stillness
that is you
and fall into
shed the cocoon
and fly
of God