The raw vulnerability of our humanness is guiding us home…

Awakening is happening. And it may not look like bliss!

In the last few days I have heard from friends that are experiencing challenges in their lives. They are looking for answers and diligently doing their work to stay present and use tools and practices. But still they feel overwhelmed and ‘done’.

When I hear someone in a place of ‘I’m done’ I notice consciousness prickles with excitement. This done-ness is a sign of deep surrender… I’m done says I surrender, I let go of resistance. And this is a place where grace can enter through this vulnerable opening of heart letting go of resistance and the known.

I felt it important to share something about the challenges as Being awakens to itSelf.  There can be an illusion of it being all about bright white light and rapturous bliss… not so – just another concept!  And even after the infamous shifts, the dissolution of the remains of conditioning and ego consciousness goes on. It is not always pretty! But after the shift it is easier as there is no identification or personalization of what is arising. This is how we enlighten! By bringing the unconscious into the light of awareness.

But this post is to the beautiful beings that are pre-shift and feel like they are drudging through some dark times.  It may sound trite but there is only one instruction… Let go and be… really, the more we let go… of ideas, concepts, patterns, resistance the easier the unfolding is.

The reason that these times can feel hard is because we take ownership and personalize the story.  We believe the thought spirals that tell us all sorts of information about the why of our lives. I know that this is our learned way and to undo this is not as simple as it sounds. But with diligence and commitment, what Nisargadatta would call ‘earnestness’,  we can continue to watch the arising of thought and allow it all to just be, resist nothing and let go. This is how we can find more ease in the unfolding.

There is nothing to do but it can be supportive to let go into some breathing practices or asana, movement / dance to help move energy. But really just to bring awareness to what is arising and meet it is the way to find the deep loving compassion alive behind the wave of fear rippling through the field of life experience.

Something I also suggest to those I sit with in session is when awareness arises to a certain pattern, fear, behaviour etc and you are aware of the witness watching, Self can see itself in a spiral.  This is an opportunity to expand into the fullness of being. We can do this by allowing what is arising to just be and simultaneously letting go into the silence. Not actually meditating but finding the silence… either through listening or feeling it. However it comes alive for you.  Is it peace or quiet, or a sound of silence, do you feel it as stillness?  Find the silent field that is always there… the constant unchanging presence that is who you are and from here watch the surface layer of life experience unfold, like a movie on a screen.

When we can rest in this witness consciousness it brings ease to the experience and fear loses it’s grip as it is seen as unreal… the changing pattern of experience.

Stay with this unfolding… truly, it is the raw vulnerability of our human experience that is guiding us home. We all have different flavours of pathless path but what we have in common is our human experience and the divinity of holy presence calling us to awaken to our wholeness. How and when? who knows… but the tenderness of heart cracking open is a key for our cosmic being to dissolve into the silent field of awareness. Let go, feel it all… you are being guided home by the cosmic knowing of your Self… you are Love….