True Power

The power of the Being that we are is not a power that satisfies ego. It is not a power over or power to have more for the individual. It will not make you better, wiser, richer, smarter or more successful that the next one. No… This power is a humbling force that will have you on your knees not standing on a pedestal above. It is a power that will have you swimming in an ocean of mercy, stopping in awe of the beauty that surrounds you, that is you. This power arises from the radiant light of awareness shining… and once you allow this light to fill you and you merge with it, you will find it is as close as your breath, you recognize it as the timeless beat of your heart and it feels like something you have always known because you have… And now you are home to the wholeness of yourSelf. A gentle, loving, power that needs nothing more than this.