Upside Down Inside Out

When life flows
as wild disruption
turning upside down
that which is known
dissolving ideas
of a future we
dreamed of
bringing us
right here
into presence
into knowing nothing
into the sound of breath
breathing us
and as foundations shake
there is a deafening
as all that is

As wild waves crash
all around
the ever-present light
of awareness
as the silent backdrop
to the tumultuous ocean
of activity

Drop between the
thoughts about life
into the flow of life
the river will
carry you home
Let life blow your
myth apart
see the reflection
of all that you are in the
gleaming fragments
and know that only
knowing knows

As all questions
there is no longer
a need for answers
we find ourselves
in this
it all
with tender
loving presence
and we know there
is no where to hide
from feeling
we stop
we feel
and somehow
this presence
seems to wrap itSelf
around us and pervade
the ground of our being
we feel the
love that we are
filling the space
of who we thought we were
with gracious allowing

Life flows
as wild disruption
to wake us into
seeing the absolute
excruciating beauty
of who we are
To turn us inside out
no longer
a separate me
looking out at you
but pure truth looking
from unbounded emptiness
at what is

With nothing left to hang onto
this infinite moment
is filled with love
and even the pain
that dragged us into
this moment
is made of love
All of creation
is woven from the finest
threads of loving presence

All that is
is love
is love
is all there is

2015 cb