Well of Silence

is the key to
the full
truth of Being

To know silence
is to know God

So you see
silence is a
you want to
spend time with

Silent devotion
is the end of
The end of suffering
A refuge of
divine knowing

All that you are
is right here
in the simple
of silence

The silent well
is overflowing
Drink now
Quench your thirst
for Self
Fill yourself
with God

© 2015 cb


3 thoughts on “Well of Silence

  1. Lewis Rozen

    There is a lot of nondual poetry around which is sapping dripping with New Age-ism and boring…… but your poetry is of a different category entirely….. poetry which really resonates and inspires……it’s literally dripping with nondual Silence and nondual realization is how I would (unpoetically) put it.

    I would like to read any prose writings or non-poetical teachings/pointers you might have, too…..would like to know more about your personal story and the realization of the impersonal.

    1. clare

      Thank you… This poetry arises spontaneously from the silence! On the website is a tab ‘A Story’ which gives some background and in the next short while there will be a link to a Batgap interview with Rick Archer that was recorded last week.

      Other writings are coming through and will be published as they do.

      all love


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