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Thank you

When we come to a place when we can say thank you for it all no matter whether it brings us joy or pain then our heart of loving gratitude is open. Gratitude pops up like mushrooms in the forest, arising spontaneously out of the mystery.

It starts with taking responsibility for absolutely everything that arises in the storyline of life even if we cannot see how or why. To know that ‘somehow I created this’ is an empowering and humbling realization.

As we come to realize beyond doubt that we are not a separate individual self we recognize that life living through us can only be benevolent, that what we see as the world is a creation of consciousness happening and we appear as the person happening in an infinite field of awareness… we can only bow in gratitude for the wonder that is life and the perfection of all that is.

Movies are inspired by the rawness of life not the other way around! Life is the supreme storyline. What ever it looks like it is always here to bring us to clearer seeing… consciousness awakening to more of itself. As we rest as unconditional openness, a full yes, we allow, we feel, we accept, we rise in loving gratitude.

Thank you life for the living of this moment just as it is….

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


The Dance

One foot steps
courageously another follows
a swirling dance
of destruction

Awakening to Self
baring all
to the naked truth
of Being
So intimate
nothing can be hidden
In this light
everything is revealed
beyond the skin
of contracted comfort

And as the foundations
on which the house
of me is built
tumble into
Blown into the
wind of all that is
Leaving your
raw aliveness
floating free
in a mysterious void

Opening to Self
is a bareback ride on a
wild horse
Untameable freedom
calls for
immeasurable devotion
Essential divinity
is the ineffable gift
of deep diving
Free falling
and trusting
truth has wings
or there is no ground

Spacious awareness
Mysterious beauty
Haunting call
Where am I now?
Fall in and in
to emptiness
where I stands no more
Grace took
your place
and all that remains
is a shimmering
glint in the eye
of Being

2015 cb



True stillness is when everything is allowed to be as it is with no trying or commentary… Stillness is an absolute acceptance of the moment as it is… It is not a mind that does not think, it is a mind allowed to be natural.  A dropping of all ideas about stillness into the deep, abiding, unbounded presence of now…



Talk no longer about it

Look no longer for it

Be here


You are it

Live it now

simply resting

in the stillness

of what is

Nothing to change

just stop and notice

what is here

in present

moment awareness


On the surface



dynamic flow

of life living itself

All taking place

in you


You are unbounded


a silent field

still as can be

holding it all

animating it all

pervading it all

with your silent essence


You are that

which does not come and go

that which is silent in nature

awareness is silent

silence is aware


So rest here

go nowhere

who you are is the space

your thoughts are taking place in

your curiosity

your inquiry

is in you

like an elephant

in the room


Look behind

there you are

look inside

you are here

rest right here and fall in

to yourself

between your words

in the pause

as in breath

becomes out breath

here you are


Living simply

in this moment

no where else

but here


Heart of Love

May we all realize together that the healing of humanity can only be found in the heart of Love – beyond hatred and judgement, beyond religion and politics, beyond blame and reaction, beyond right and wrong. Love overcomes all but we have to turn towards it. How? By turning towards ourselves in healing and surrender into present moment awareness. By going beyond the thoughts that keep us in separation from the truth of Being.

In the light of upsetting events in the world we rise in reaction. But what if these events are here to teach us to love more not to hate and fear more. When we believe ourselves to be separate from each other and the one awareness from which we all arise we can only make sense of these events through the filter of our thoughts which tell us to fear the world. But when we view these events as arising from one consciousness with a profound message to wake us up and love then perhaps hearts can open in compassion for all involved. For all those who live in fear and hurt and know not how to open to love. Our opening to love shifts the collective to rise in love and we cannot help but to dig deeper into curiosity about the truth of who we are.

What if we allow ourselves to feel the despair and use it as an opportunity to learn to feel… really feel… feel the suffering of all humanity… not only our own personal story… only together can we realize liberation… but we can only do this through the deep surrender into the truth of who we are. As long as one is suffering then so too are we all… Rest in the heart of life, in loving presence of all that is… allow all reaction to merge into loving compassion… Everything is held in a field of silent awareness, this field is you. How to find your way here is by listening to the silent background, feel the anchor of stillness that is holding all activity… become the witness to all happening… take a breath and rest here… act only from here where love gives rise to all that is… allow love to guide your actions and love to bring you home… home to the heart of Love… home to your Self.