Monthly Archives: June 2016

Authentic Allowing

Make no mistake
There is no goal
There is no path
Your quest ends
In the
allowing of
this moment’s
raw expression
In the deepest surrender
to what is
the lens of
limited focus
softens into
unbounded emptiness
the infinity of you
If you truly desire
to know
your Self
Awaken to
Let go of everything
that keeps you from
Allow the awakeness
of the moment
to meet your
Give up all roles
Surrender all masks
into the radiant gaze
of wholeness

Awakening is Happening

Awakening is happening… in consciousness. It is not the person that awakens. Consciousness wakes up to it Self as never having been a separate person. Awakening is not personal. So trust awakening is happening and includes you, it cannot not touch you. You are conscious awareness. You are melting into oneness and all you can ‘do’ is be so fully present with life as it is and not resist or turn away and life will offer you every opportunity to merge into remembering the oneness that you have always been. Self realisation is to see your Self from the perspective of wholeness.


Flowing Grace

And all at once
she knew
she was wise
Just as rain
knows how to fall,
she knew how to
As tall trees
wrapped in knarly bark
undulating with ancient knowing,
she knew

Divine Intelligence
coursed through her,
filled her cells,
as she opened
to what is
All of it

She felt the flow
of dynamic grace
enter her Being
From the surface of life
to the silent depths of stillness
she found the anchor of peace
Holding it all
in unmoving

She knew
nothing would ever
be the same
and yet nothing
had changed

In the bereft void
her heart
burst open
A seed of truth
sprouted alive, vital
with loving presence
Lightness of Being
bloomed from darkness
Beyond the beyond
where only love resides


Freedom Is

We cannot choose freedom. It does not belong to the mind. There is nothing we can do or not do. Ultimately, we are already eternally free. We can only Be who we are. At some point Life brings us to a deeper inquiry and the fire of truth becomes so burningly bright and alive that all that we have believed ourselves to be turns wholeheartedly towards Truth. This is what brings us to Satsang. Satsang is an outstretched hand that accompanies you into the boundless presence of Being, in the letting go of concepts and ideas, continually pointing to what you are and have always been. You are invited into intimacy with Self, into your wholeness. When the burning desire to know freedom is stronger than the desire to defend the sense of ‘me and my story’ there is a surrender to what is. This is freedom. This is Love.


Loving Grace

Gentle power
of grace
Open arms
embracing all

You are welcome
All of you is
in universal heart

Dissolve into this
that sees you
with eyes of love

Into the one who
knows the
tender meanderings
of your heart

you are seeing
through the eyes
of oneness
Love seeing itself
and only


I Am

Allowing warmth of sun
to unfurl
petals of heart’s holding
Trembling heart
protecting the familiar
sense of ‘me’
divided from

Gently meeting suspended
with allowing
In tender presence
love coaxes
itSelf out
into the light
of revealing
it’s full glorious

As light pours in
there can be no mistake
that love
is dancing in light’s ray
As warm sun
bright and golden
touches hanging mist
it burns the haze
to mercy

Love’s embrace
brings us home to
the oneness of light
just a little longer
in the moment
of realisation
of one heart
I am me
no more
I am


Saturated Silence

A mind that is looking
for something
will always find

An innocent,
open mind
will discover the emptiness
in which the mind and the ‘something’
is taking place

Let go of spiritual ambition
Surrender to grace
Discover you are already
with silent Self