Body of Awareness – Class Recordings 2015-16

A meditative sensory exploration of body, breath and gentle movement shared from Silent Being, guiding the body into direct remembering of it’s true nature as pure awareness which is unbounded, infinite and eternally present.

This approach offers a compliment to satsang (and could be described as satsang through the body) an invitation to experience the true body beyond the flow of sensations but as pure awareness. We rest as open receptivity, listening and receiving the moment as it is.  We relearn how to feel through meeting and falling into union with the sensations that arise then move from the subtle energy body with quiet reverence.

The sense of the separate self arises through contraction of mind and body but when we explore what the body really is, we open to receive the flow of grace.  True nature is a deep relaxation of the contraction of separation and in receiving what arises we invite the wholeness of Being, the infinite pure consciousness we are to be embodied.  The class offers a deep rest and awareness of the cosmic nature of the body.

We start resting in a comfortable sivasana, lying on the ground and then towards the end open into gentle spontaneous movement, being moved by the awakeness of the alive flow of true Self.

No experience is needed to follow these guided meditations and gentle movement classes just a sincere openness and love of Truth.

Rest in a comfortable place, either on a yoga mat or carpet. Ensure you have a blanket and pillow and any props necessary to sit when required.

Relax, let go and listen as open receptivity and allow the edges of experience to soften into pure awareness…

(Classes before May 2016 involve more gentle movement and in the evolution of the sharing there is less movement in more recent classes.)


Emptiness Dancing (recorded 18.08.16)


Being Being (recorded 23.06.16)


Living Stillness (recorded 26.05.16)


Being Oneness (recorded 19.05.16)


Silent Ground of Being (recorded 12.05.16)


I Am (recorded 05.05.16)


Well of Silence (recorded 28.03.16)


Heart of Being (What remains Is – recorded 21.03.16)


I Am Awareness (recorded 01.02.16)


Being Presence (recorded 18.01.16)


Silent Surrender (recorded 07.12 15)