Become the witness to your story…

Become the witness to your story…. When we can observe the story of me unfolding from the silent background there is an opportunity for a profound realization. The realisation of your Self. That you are the silent witness, the silent awareness that is watching. That you are not your story. Then there is the possibility to let go into unbounded freedom, into the wholeness of Being that you already are and have always been instead of putting energy into trying to create a better, more powerful story of me. 

As we recognise there has been a misidentification with the story of me and realise we are the awareness watching this experience of ‘me’, then your story can unfold in complete surrender as the fulfillment you already are. We recognise we are not a personal story but an exquisite story of one Beingness. It is a beautiful thing.

Rest as the silent awareness watching…. and if there is a sincere interest to know peace, freedom, love… this is where you will find all this and more has been waiting for you to come home all along