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Sessions are offered via Skype and in person in Courtenay and occasionally in Victoria and on Salt Spring Island, BC.

Sessions are for sincere inquirers into the truth of Being who are ready to rest in pure presence, open to freedom and are no longer enchanted with the life of a separate self.

To arrange a session please send a message outlining:

  • A brief background of yourself
  • Brief details of your spiritual search, practice and any teachers you resonate with
  • If there are any questions arising or a focus for why you are drawn to a session
  • If there are no questions but just a strong interest to spend time in session that is ok too!

An initial session is 60 minutes in exchange for a contribution of $120. Follow up sessions are generally 60  / $120 or 90 minutes / $180.

If you are underemployed and have a sincere interest in a sharing a session please let me know as I offer sliding scale of $90/ 60 mins.

While I invite a contribution for private sessions no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. If you are sincere and are drawn to share a session together please contact me.

Once a session is arranged you can make a contribution below or using the donate button at the bottom of the page – Thank you.

Retreat Deposits can also be paid using the drop down menu  below.

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