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The Light Shines On

Called into the deepest dark

An invitation from innermost being

of light and joy

to return home

to bask in the eternal magnificence

of what is

to rest at the alter of this long dark night


A tiny spark

ignites into a dancing fire

of infinite wonder

Shaping itself as life

again and again

in divine surrender

Bowing to the light

we get close enough to

awaken a knowing

That however dark the darkness


However heavy the carrying


in the quagmire of life’s

unlit depths

the sun still shines


Gleaming sparks of

love’s essence join

one to the other

dot to dot

remembering the union

of the Beloved is here

in our living

The silent Amness of Being

unstirred by the winds of change

Dynamic spirit choreographed

into an unexpected landscape

A blank canvas of unknowing

Freefalling in freedom unchosen


Flowing as the effulgent


into every eerie nook

Roaring a wordless prayer

Surrender carries fiery grace

Beaming luster into

the crypt of blind impressions

Without a story

Who am I?


An effervescent bubble rises

from silent ground

Bursting into causeless joy

Remembering the feeling

of wind in hair

Warm sun on skin

Hands in moist earth

Barefeet on grass

Water quenching thirst

Diving into ocean deep

Dancing unabandoned

Divine music opening heart of bliss

The thrill of the catch caught

Alchemy of transformation

brewing magic before your very eyes

Yes, love is here

in every gesture


Light is here


in mysterious ways that

do not always feel kind

And we are here

to remember

We shine in earnest reflection

Hum the song of soul

Witness as presence

Love without reason

Laugh until bellies ache

Reveal beauty beyond measure

in our most vulnerable expression

Stand side by side hand in hand

when tears fall and hearts ache

We share it all

The celebration of life


And as the breath of silence

coaxes embers to enliven

the wellspring of love

Light is here

in our hearts

and this sharing

is the sacred fire

we tend


Resting at the alter of this long dark night

we remember

how precious

is this blessing

of being human


As one

brilliant ray of

perfect love

descending from


from beyond

And the light

shines on

And the light

shines on









True stillness is when everything is allowed to be as it is with no trying or commentary… Stillness is an absolute acceptance of the moment as it is… It is not a mind that does not think, it is a mind allowed to be natural.  A dropping of all ideas about stillness into the deep, abiding, unbounded presence of now…


Heart of Love

May we all realize together that the healing of humanity can only be found in the heart of Love – beyond hatred and judgement, beyond religion and politics, beyond blame and reaction, beyond right and wrong. Love overcomes all but we have to turn towards it. How? By turning towards ourselves in healing and surrender into present moment awareness. By going beyond the thoughts that keep us in separation from the truth of Being.

In the light of upsetting events in the world we rise in reaction. But what if these events are here to teach us to love more not to hate and fear more. When we believe ourselves to be separate from each other and the one awareness from which we all arise we can only make sense of these events through the filter of our thoughts which tell us to fear the world. But when we view these events as arising from one consciousness with a profound message to wake us up and love then perhaps hearts can open in compassion for all involved. For all those who live in fear and hurt and know not how to open to love. Our opening to love shifts the collective to rise in love and we cannot help but to dig deeper into curiosity about the truth of who we are.

What if we allow ourselves to feel the despair and use it as an opportunity to learn to feel… really feel… feel the suffering of all humanity… not only our own personal story… only together can we realize liberation… but we can only do this through the deep surrender into the truth of who we are. As long as one is suffering then so too are we all… Rest in the heart of life, in loving presence of all that is… allow all reaction to merge into loving compassion… Everything is held in a field of silent awareness, this field is you. How to find your way here is by listening to the silent background, feel the anchor of stillness that is holding all activity… become the witness to all happening… take a breath and rest here… act only from here where love gives rise to all that is… allow love to guide your actions and love to bring you home… home to the heart of Love… home to your Self.