Flowing Grace

And all at once
she knew
she was wise
Just as rain
knows how to fall,
she knew how to
As tall trees
wrapped in knarly bark
undulating with ancient knowing,
she knew

Divine Intelligence
coursed through her,
filled her cells,
as she opened
to what is
All of it

She felt the flow
of dynamic grace
enter her Being
From the surface of life
to the silent depths of stillness
she found the anchor of peace
Holding it all
in unmoving

She knew
nothing would ever
be the same
and yet nothing
had changed

In the bereft void
her heart
burst open
A seed of truth
sprouted alive, vital
with loving presence
Lightness of Being
bloomed from darkness
Beyond the beyond
where only love resides


One thought on “Flowing Grace

  1. Randy Rolen

    A beautiful and personal sharing of awakening the divine feminine. And appreciating her! I’ve shared this with several of the women in my life. Thank you!

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