If not you, who? If not now, when?

I posted a poem earlier… Fiery Love… the message therein is not to say that we do not pray for rain as our skies remain smokey, our sun is pink and orange and our forests burn… of course we do all that we can to improve and care for our environment but we have to know what we see has a deeper message.

Change starts with Self… The craziness of our world is a direct reflection of our ignoring the Truth of our Being – Ignorance…

It is time to wake up. This is what is being asked of us. To really fully and wholly STOP and see what is right here in this moment. Consciousness is speaking in a language of burning up the earth to shake us awake, to have us listen to our deepest knowing… Still, many will not care but at least for those whose hearts are open to love the earth this is a start… loving space in the heart means there is an open doorway to let the fullness of the love that you are come rushing in. 

We only see what is… the external world is a hologram of our internal worlds… and this will only change as our collective internal world shifts. An awakening shift in perspective is required – to stop seeing the world only through two mortal eyes which can get spun out by fearful thoughts but to see the world from the one eye of Unity that knows itSelf as undivided wholeness. That knows that everything that is happening is somehow perfect.

So we open and surrender with no desired outcome… we let go into the arms of grace. We love what is and Be where we are. We become lovers of Truth more than we love anything else!

As I walked by the ocean today after writing the Fiery Love poem I heard the words… If not you, who? And if not now, when? Inquire friends… go deep… deeper than you have ever gone…. do not let fear stop you… open your heart all the way, beyond the love of your story and beautiful life… let the truth fill you and expand you into the infinite, unbounded, limitless, eternal reality and discover you are not the small self you have believed yourself to be… keep going until you find yourself home to the Truth of Being. You will find more beauty here than you ever dreamed possible… honestly!!

If not now, WHEN? If not you, WHO?

All love


One thought on “If not you, who? If not now, when?

  1. Candy

    Wow! The way you write speaks to the heart and soul of man. So full of depth and grace and wisdom. You are truly gifted indeed. I came on here feeling a little down and now I feel enriched and blessed beyond words. Thank you.

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