Love. Love is who you are. Love that is expressed through mood or emotion is only a subtle fragrance of true LOVe as it is conditional. When we say ‘I love you’ to another what we are often really saying is ‘You please me’, Perhaps because we feel validated or seen or approved of by the other. The emotion of love gets used as a way to say I accept you or I don’t accept you. What do you love and not love? What parts of yourSelf are you not accepting? What do you turn away from? Love, the innate nature of awareness can only love as it knows no other way. Love is the feeling sensing awareness experienced through body. When we feel our heart opening or breaking, this is the fullness of Love that you are arising through the experience of Body. We can dance the body into ecstatic experience of Love and knowing. We can sing our hearts open with mantra and kirtan. As we come to realize more of our Self, we flow as love expressing itSelf as all the qualities of Life simultaneously. Turning away from no part of Life, we find wholeness includes everything, even the things mind wants to separate from. Noticing this is a powerful way to find the parts of ourself that are calling from the depths to rise into the light of Being. Feel it all and allow Love to pour into all the cracks and crevices you have never dared to accept as worthy. Love is who you are. Love is acceptance and is fully unconditional. Love.