Weekend Satsang Immersions

In these non-residential Satsang Immersions, we meet in presence, we dispel myths and concepts about what awakening is, shining the light of awareness on distracting habits which keep awakening as a goal and meet the silent Self, awake as the moment. Awake consciousness is what we are and with courageous, compassionate heart we can realise the deepest truth of Being which is always Here Now.  We are a living transformation and in the willingness to meet our human suffering, we uncover the humility of grace which carries us into the loving embrace of Truth. Sounds simple? It is and yet, whilst it is right here this moment, it is simultaneously a process of unfolding beyond the conditioned habits and seeing through all that seems to keep us bound.  Each glimpse deepens the clarity of seeing until it becomes a joyful reality of living as life itself – Love in flow.


2019 Schedule

(Most of these immersions will also be available for in person attendance and will also be offered online attendance via Zoom to anyone who has been in Satsang or an immersion – please ask for more information.

March – Comox Valley – March 8th – 10th

April – Comox Valley – April 19th – 21st

June – Comox Valley – June 6th – 9th

August – Comox Valley – tbc

September – Comox Valley – 6th – 8th

October – Comox Valley – October 11th – 13th

November – Comox Valley – tbc