Interactive Online Satsang

Interactive Online Satsang

Online gatherings take place twice a month. Please see calendar for dates.


10am Meeting opens for silent sitting and gathering

10.25am Camera and Sound go on

10.30am Infusion followed by questions and sharings

You are invited to join the Online Zoom meeting up to 30 mins before the start of the Infusion for silent sitting, to meet the moment, resting as open awareness.  The Zoom meeting will be open without camera or sound holding space for the group to gather.

Satsang starts with a spoken infusion of Being, spontaneous talk followed by an opportunity for questions, expression and inquiry.

Satsang with Purna is perfectly aligned for dedicated seekers of Truth and those who are sincerely curious about the True Nature of Being. No particular experience or ‘spiritual’ background is necessary just an open heart and a true longing to fall into Love and Freedom.

Online Satsang is offered by dana donation with a suggestion of $20-30.

The online meetings take place on Zoom, which is free, simple to install, and easy to use.  Go to the link below to download.

Please contact the office on and we will send you the link for registration and comprehensive instructions about the online meeting.  It’s very simple but please make sure you have downloaded zoom in advance and are ready to join. 

Dana donations can be made through the donate button at the bottom on the page either before or after the meeting.

You are warmly welcome to join us…