Like a gentle stroke of your cheek

The comfort of a deep exhale

A gaze that holds yours

for a deep knowing moment

or two

Self is here
with a hand
on your shoulder
inviting you
coaxing you
to remember
who you are
You are right here
in the whisper of stillness
Right here
in the nowness
of this moment
Right here
in this fountain of beauty
that begs to be seen
in it’s fullness
In this sacred
everything even on a rainy day
sun is here
shining it’s luminous brilliance
and so too are you
bright and warm
and whole
Right here in the essence
of happening
Here you are
All of you
Rest a moment
and risk knowing yourSelf
Take a step beyond
the edge of experience
into the vastness
of your whole Self
And float in the clarity
of deep peaceful Being
Peace is
who you are
You are Peace
Peace is You
2015 cb