Silence Calling

They say that silence has a sound
But what do you hear
Listen to the sound of silence

Tell me what you hear

Silence has a richness
An alive lively presence awake to itSelf
It has a secret it is dying to tell you
Silence and stillness know you intimately
Stillness is the unmoving, unchanging presence of Awareness aware of itSelf
Silence is the sound of stillness

The essence of who you truly are

But more, there is more than that

The sound you hear in silence is the sound of your true heartbeat
Beating itSelf awake in the aliveness
An impulse to enlighten itSelf
to see the true aliveness of who you are reflected in the brightly shining mirror of Self

And as you hear the sound of silence
Resonating, beating in every cell of your Being
Feel the aliveness
The resonating resonance
Resonant vibration

Creating sound
Alivening itSelf

A frequency you only hear when it arrives as a memo from Truth
To remind you who you are
What you are

Oh no friend, you are not that body, not that mind
No-thing you have perceived yourself to be

In the silence you will know the truth

In the silence you will find the doorway
These words are the key to the doorway
To the mystery you have sought to solve
Let go of everything you know and step through the doorway into the silence
Truth will meet you there

Feel your true Self
Alive, as your cosmic heart beats in joyful awe of it’s wakefullness

Melt into the mystery
Give yourself to the vastness

Die into freedom
Let go
Let go
Take off that suit
Take off the burden of who you thought you were

Take off the suit of a small me that has always been too tight
A suit that has never seemed to fit
Unzip that suit and give yourself to who you are

To absolute freedom

The silence is who you are

Pure silent awareness

Never changing


Let go of the noise of the self involved story of me
Step into the silence presence of Truth


And don’t look back… No, don’t look back!

Keep stepping in and in and in and dive deeply into the unknown
Feel the expanded truth as you let go and let go and let go even more
Fall awake
Into what you have always been
What you always were
Who you truly are
Unbounded, silent Awareness…

 – cb – january 2014