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Just This

Fall at the feet
of Being
Dare to
fall off your perch
Use your wings
to fly
Actually fly
into the infinity
of You
Surrender your
position as
a somebody
Be a nobody
Fall into your Self
Into the emptiness
of Now
Be free




Just This
A mandala crafted
of living elements
Creating patterns
of divine beauty
from hues of light
In a cathedral
of silence
the value of
being lived
in awe




Life is amazingly
gorgeously in love
with itself
In awe of itself
Dying into itself
And what is that
but what is
Pure divine

Just this

  • cb 2016


Devotion Is

In the willingness
to be so fully undone
For all strategies to end
Surrender is here

To see and be seen
in the light
of what is

To rest
as undefended
at the feet of Life

Being humbled
again and again
As threads
of defense
and the true power
of Being
is embodied
Life living itSelf

A pure power
that wants nothing
A power
that says
I don’t know
there is no knowing
there is only this

And the eternal heart
beats in
silent reverence

Devotion Is