Thank you

When we come to a place when we can say thank you for it all no matter whether it brings us joy or pain then our heart of loving gratitude is open. Gratitude pops up like mushrooms in the forest, arising spontaneously out of the mystery.

It starts with taking responsibility for absolutely everything that arises in the storyline of life even if we cannot see how or why. To know that ‘somehow I created this’ is an empowering and humbling realization.

As we come to realize beyond doubt that we are not a separate individual self we recognize that life living through us can only be benevolent, that what we see as the world is a creation of consciousness happening and we appear as the person happening in an infinite field of awareness… we can only bow in gratitude for the wonder that is life and the perfection of all that is.

Movies are inspired by the rawness of life not the other way around! Life is the supreme storyline. What ever it looks like it is always here to bring us to clearer seeing… consciousness awakening to more of itself. As we rest as unconditional openness, a full yes, we allow, we feel, we accept, we rise in loving gratitude.

Thank you life for the living of this moment just as it is….

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Robert Aaron

    Hey I saw you again on the group thing on batgap I really liked the way you took it all in without having to get in there be important. Love you

  2. Paul of Sedona, AZ

    Love is the vehicle that moves us into unconditional gratitude of what is…life.
    Thank you!

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