The Goddess Never Left!

I wonder, is the Goddess re-emerging in recent times or did the Goddess never leave? The Goddess also described as Divine Mother, Mother Consciousness or Sacred Feminine. The re-emergence is the wake up call and the realization that the call is being heard by many women. Women who have been feeling a longing arising for more depth, more intimacy and are now finally following it and wholeheartedly stepping into self-inquiry and surrender. So the re-emergence we hear spoken of is perhaps the awakening of women and the responding rumble of Divine Mother as she calls her Self home….


Women who are noticing the longing can no longer be satisfied living on a horizontal path of powerlessly following without being fully connected to the source of their Being (mother consciousness) which comes through as a vertical direct experience. Women are committed and have been so willing to self improve, take classes, follow courses and attend retreats on their journeys home. However, when the journey is purely linear they can find themselves in cycles of change, self-improvement and empowerment but invariably come back to noticing an unsatiated sense of something missing. So the search begins again for that illusive missing piece. It is a constant cycle and one that can go on and on until something shifts…

What if what is missing is so simple and so close it has been missed but is not missing?! This missing piece being Self, Truth, connection to source, to Being. The way that I perceive this is as a non-seeing or non-acceptance of the wholeness that is already here. The reason it is not seen is as the seeking and searching creates a looking outside and not a seeing what is right here and has been all along. And sometimes it can take someone who sees to point the way.

The invitation I offer is to stop still, let go and Be. To abandon the search and rest in the awareness of what is. In this stopping we discover that behind the layer of experience that is always changing and moving we come to recognise something that does not change. An infinite, silent field of awareness that is pure consciousness, pure presence. This pure consciousness is what we all are! Both men and women are part of this oneness and not separate from it or each other. However, those born into the form of a woman have a particular biology that can recognise herself as the expression of moving, flowing formless consciousness in body form – the embodiment of the divine feminine.

The work I have focused on over the last ten years has been about awakening and healing the womb heart and belly. Bringing deeper connection to the nurturing of the feminine and her remarkable ability to create enlivens the field of Shakti and we start to feel this flow through us more lively. I have come to discover that the belly and womb areas which are the body housing for the root and sacral chakras in the yogic tradition are a portal to access pure divine mother consciousness. All that I have been realizing on my journey of healing and awakening I have been sharing with women in private sessions, in sacred temple groups, yoga classes where we focus on deep body awareness and presence and most recently in Satsang, a Sanskrit word for a meeting in the presence of Truth.

I like to say that the path to freedom is to feel. So I encourage the women I meet to feel, to feel it all, the pain, the joy and fear and anxiety and anger and love… as once we are not afraid to be fully in heart awareness and feel, we are free. The key is to be still and aware in the feeling as pure sensation and not follow the spiral of the story or commentary about the feelings that the mind will surely offer. So to become the witness to the story that is taking place on the surface of life.

I lead women beyond the surface to discover the silent awareness that is always here as a silent witness, like a backdrop to life. Only it is life and everything is taking place within the consciousness of the infinite, silent field of Being. I point to the truth, that we are not the small separate self we have believed ourselves to be. That we are indeed the whole field of awareness that is witnessing the small me story. In this realisation there is a release into freedom, love, peace… this is awakening. Awakening is the direct experience of oneself as infinite unbounded awareness, a realization of Self, Self-realisation. Perhaps we can use the analogy, that we have believed we are a wave being tossed on the shores of life having a personal experience and in the realization we know without doubt that we are not merely the wave but the entire ocean, it’s depths and waves!

What we are awakening to is the truth that we are not separate and alone. That we are not just a mind body that exists as an individual self. The realization is a direct seeing of our divinity. When this is seen we realize that we do not need to improve ourselves or become more empowered or successful and that nothing in the outside world will satiate the longing. When we slow down and connect into the silent awareness, the infinite field of consciousness that is who we are, we know ourselves, there is a sense of recognition and coming home. A realization of being a small part of the divine greatness that is Mother Consciousness and the seeking, searching and struggle ends. This is the end of suffering.

Every woman wants to be happy and to love and be loved. In this realization she discovers she is love, she is pure divine mother consciousness in it’s own unique expression or ‘flavour’ with a unique purpose in the world of experience – her divine Shakti Dharma. Her heart opens to the fullness of compassion and love that she is, as cosmic heart flows through her. She is happy because she has discovered her true nature and her search is over. She has discovered that she is whole and always was. She has discovered something that can never leave and needs nothing or no one. She can dwell fully in her body and move in the world from the wholeness that she is – she dances in the truth of her Beingness. Her actions arise from the silent field of awareness. She trusts life to unfold perfectly. She no longer spends time trying to improve upon the perfection she is. She does not compare herself to others as in them she only sees a reflection of beauty and love. She rests in the deep divine knowing she is wholeness. This is the Goddess embodied in the humanness of Woman.