This Morning

This morning
wake up
to yourself
with whole hearted

Greet yourself
with compassion
and gentle honouring

Be exactly
where you are
without desire
to be anywhere

Allow the stillness
of the moment
to fill you
to remind you
that you are here
with divine perfection
and all that is
is here as the
fullness of
experiencing itSelf

There is nothing personal here
all is cosmic unfolding
and you
are a unique
and essential
point in wholeness

You are the living
of life
a divine instrument
being finely tuned
and played
while dancing to the
symphony of oneness

Be gentle
as you take each step
notice little mind
wanting to spin a yarn
about this and that

Watch it
bless it
and melt into
the silent background
of Being
as the witness to
the dance while
flowing in it
as it

Smile with
compassionate humour
at your story
revealing itself
like a movie
(you the star!)
and how it can
suck you into
it’s spin

Feel it
embrace it
love it

Keep watching
shining light from
all that you are
onto all that is
change nothing
fix nothing
be here
in harmony
with divine will

Dance with yourself
in the beauty
of now
want nothing more

2015 cb