What if….

What if your life purpose is to learn to Be… Be who you truly are… what if it has nothing to do with having a great job, superstar status, riches, fame, great relationships, an ideal weight or fitness, being strong or empowered… what if your purpose is to realise who you are?… Sure, have fun on the way following the pathless path but don’t get lost in the ego’s idea of success or purpose.

Your purpose is to realise that you are the stillness that pervades all experience and that experience is just the fluffy stuff on the surface… like the fluffy white waters as waves break… you are not the waves or the fluff… you are the boundless ocean of conscious awareness… YES really! It’s a simple as that… please, have fun on the way… but take time to rest in the stillness of the pure presence that is you… the experience part of consciousness becomes more simple and fun when you are not identified with it as as separate self with a personal story of who you are… let go… and Be… And if mind voice roars… rubbish, she’s talking rubbish… that’s ok too… the silent awareness hears…Hawaii Beaches-16