The Heart of Being . Living Simple Truth

Satsang with Clare Purna Devi 

Simple, Timeless Wisdom shared directly from the Heart of Love

“Wholeness includes everything and however profound our awakening there is an ongoing integration and deepening.  All that is realized deep in pure awareness has to be brought back to the surface of life to be fully lived.  This approach is about awakening to what is real and true and the courageous, embodied living of this Truth, honestly, authentically as Love with the willingness to be so fully undone until we realise directly that pure divinity and our human expression is a dance of equals, a seamless flow of Love in love with itSelf and that everything that appears as life is that divine Love.”




“The deeper in we go, as the illusion of separation falls away and the unity of all is revealed there arises this willingness, openness to keep meeting life just as it is. It becomes clearer and clearer what is going on here, what this Life is, that the only purpose is this living transformation and that true karma yoga is the service to humanity, which arises as the meeting and seeing through of all that keeps us in distraction and illusion. The workings of the divine play and the wheel of karma are revealed and how the human condition is such a dance until the divine nature is truly known it will continue to push and pull. When the realisation of the Self is truly rooted, establised, then it is clear there is nothing that can arise in the play of life that can shake the Heart of Being, who you are and this moment Now is the holy association, with what Is, God, Mother, Divine Truth…. we discover this ever deepening conviction to rest in the Self.”



“In the Heart of Being, we meet the freedom, peace, joy and love we have been searching for, as our true nature. The greatest revelation is in present moment awareness.  When we rest as open awareness, suspending all knowing – ideas and concepts of what we think we are searching for and simply Be, we find in the richness of the moment, that fulfillment is already here. Right here in the heart of the moment is the precious jewel of true nature, Love itSelf.”



“In the pause between every thing is the truth of who you are. No thing… pure open awareness, just Being, the non-doing presence of love. This body, being the unique expression of a flow of nature… pure Being expressing as human Being… We have to realise our true nature as Being in order to embody it, for truth to be lived it has to be known in awareness. This is not something to be understood by the mind. The realisation opens in awareness itSelf. Living awake is a profound and exquisite unfolding in awareness. Living as luminous, radiant Being is living in service, as life, being played and danced as an instrument of Grace.”