“What it really comes down to is living with no defence against life. Living happy, truly happy, no matter what comes and goes. Forget all the fancy ways of describing different states and layers of consciousness etc, subtle perceptions that some will see and some will not. Are you happy? Self-realisation is the deepest knowing that there is only the Self which is Love, fully rooted so there is nothing else. When this is unquestionable, you are home, in the heart of the Beloved where all is God and God is all. No worrying about small self or big Self or no self or Beyond Self… the simple and timeless teaching that came through the great Saints and Sages is to turn towards Truth, God, Self, Divine Mother, again and again, shoot your whole being like an arrow into the Heart of the Beloved until the river of individual flow merges fully into the ocean of Oneness.

Give yourself to Love, let love have you and live you and flow through every pore of your being until there is no more ‘me’ just Love. Live with no defence against life, live as an offering of Love, live happy.”